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Any of my 4oz waterproof coats can be lined with cotton for a lightweight waterproof coat. These can be folded up quite easily and be put in a bag or pocket for carriage. The coat pictured below was made for a customer order. Can have any waterproof colour outer and literally any choice of plain cotton fabric. I have most colours.

10% off Orders over £50. Use Code "Summer" at checkout.
NEW PRODUCT: Antique Wax Camo Waterproof Sighthound Coat. All coats are made to order and your specifications. Can also be made for non-sighthound breeds.


New In: available from the Shop Page of my Website. For Non-Sighthound Coats, please email me with your measurements.

Ditsy Corduroy Sighthound Coat

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If you require orders for christmas please get them in. Overseas orders, particularly important as last posting dates near. Thank you!
New Collars trims and coats being added to the website. All my products are handmade not mass produced.
10% off all orders until 31st May 2017.  Use code "maybankholiday" in the Web Store.  Discount will automatically be applied to email orders.
I will be at Great Eccleston & District Agricultural Show , PR3 0YP this weekend.  I can be found in the CRAFT TENT.

I will have my Stall there from 9am to 5:30pm both Saturday and Sunday.  Card payment facility available.
Bought products from you for my whippets. Coats and collars great quality. Friendly staff cant fault anything .Thank you

The new Shaftesbury Dog Collar. These can be made either as a half martingale, full martingale or house collar. Available in a choice of sizes and with a choice of hardware. Suitable for any breed of dog but particularly favoured by hounds. Available only from my new website: BleakHounds Design - Quality Attire for your Dog


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