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Just some of the coats and pyjamas I make. C635D6E9-9239-4648-BA71-554CC45D73AD.jpeg689EA601-5212-4A0F-8B4E-8B7E1E94813E.jpeg0CE95E07-E52D-499D-8AA5-73829D9FA051.jpegB77D2497-A5DC-4781-8582-C14AA7757F1F_4_5005_c.jpegDEC8D900-F8E6-4CE6-8D49-47248E77B355.jpeg2669D87B-51C0-4020-81D4-28809CD27E91_4_5005_c.jpeg
FB_IMG_1687701417540.jpg FB_IMG_1687701425226.jpg
The Snug Rugz - made from a 4oz waterproof fabric and lined with either fleece or Sherpa fleece. These coats come with a chest piece and waterproof polo neck with lead hole.
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