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Blue Staffy Puppy - need some help please

Ranvijay Singh

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Hi everyone, Just joined the group and need some advice please, I have just picked up my 3 month Blue Pedigree Staffy, the breeder has recommended I stick to feeding him Raw diet. I have become confused as so many other dog owners say it is not healthy and he should be on kibble/dry diet instead.

Does anyone have any expertise in what would be best for my staffy puppy please

I do not intend to put him on crufts/breed him etc. Just wanting a healthy family dog. Thanks!
There's a lot of conflicting advice on whether raw feeding is healthy. However, a lot of this advice comes from commercial kibble manufacturers. Vets also don't have that much nutrition training, and a lot of their information also comes from these companies, so they are often anti-raw.

There are several raw feeders on this forum, some who have successfuly been raw feeding for decades. In my own opinion it is safe, and possibly the healthiest diet you can give your dog. Have a read of this thread and see what you think: Raw feeding

Oh, and congratulations on your new pup!
I have fed raw since the 1980s and thoroughly recommend it, but you need to do your homework and starting with our pinned thread should be helpful. It is a lot easier now than it used to be, with several reputable companies supplying pre-packed frozen raw that is convenient to store. All the best with your puppy.
Congratulations, You have chosen to purchase your puppy from a breeder that knows what food is best for their puppies.
There is no more health risk using a raw meat for your puppy than there is for us having raw joints of meat that we handle for human consumption. Cleanliness precautions should be as we are for our own raw products. I have used raw meat for our dogs, and reared lovely healthy puppies with the product for well over 40 years.
We ourselves have never suffered any illnesses or problems related to raw meat.
We have not been over fussy about our dogs meat or our own hygiene, but just sensible. Cloths and any utensils used are soaked overnight with some bleach in the water and surfaces are also washed with some bleach in the water too.
Introducing a dog or puppy to a new diet from kibble to raw is easy. The last puppy that we purchased was on a kibble and she was changed completely to raw within 2 days (without any problems).
I suggest that you purchase a little book "Honey's Natural Feeding Handbook for Dogs". This is so easy to read and understand and can be purchased from Ebay or Amazon in good condition for about £3.
Honey's website is very useful, you will get plenty of knowledgeable help from them too. By telephone, 01672 620 260

What a shame that there are people who do not understand about our dogs and their nutritional requirements. Unfortunately many of our vets are among those who do not understand, and just advise on what they have been told by large corporate companies is best. They have little or no training on this subject while at college and probably can't be bothered to do any research into the subject themselves. Attachment; Myths About Raw: Is my vet really qualified to be giving nutritional advice?

Unless I was using a well known or experienced vet with proven knowledge of raw feeding, I would not ask for his/her advice.
That is of course unless you believe that our dogs have evolved from animals that can find grain for 52 weeks of the year and that they could grind the grain before trying to digest it!

If you are looking for convenience, then there are plenty of convenient Grain based kibbles. These are artificial feeding products made by massive commercial companies that can provide enough nutrients for our pets to survive on, but not what nature designed our canine pets to eat for optimum health.
There are also many companies who these days also produce convenient "complete" raw foods. The raw products are far more natural for our canine companions who's teeth are designed to rip and tear meat products and their digestive systems are also designed for the product too.

Our dogs relatives from which they have evolved, have survived for millions for years, and if you look at their teeth you will find no teeth to grind any grain.

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I moved our dog Rusty to raw provided by Honey's as @excuseme mentioned. No regrets from me or him, he loves the stuff and goes mad when it's time to eat!

Honey's offer a taster box so you can give it a try (I think ours included the book @excuseme mentioned too!).

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