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Body Language

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My first thought was that this dog looked fine, though alert to something. But are those lips puffed out a little, so could there be some anxiety? In a saluki, though, this could be a case of 'There's a fly 200 yards away, I'm worried it might land on me,' or 'Why has my owner got a different pair of shoes on today? Does that mean the world's going to end?'
Agree ^^ at first glance ok but then I thought ears forward, tense mouth, intense stare.. On alert?
I don't know the circumstances around the photo but I saw tension between the eyes and the mouth too. It is a lot more subtle in this photo though.

And who can resist a picture of a saluki.
As others have said yes it is showing tension, but with a Saluki their could be many reasons for it, from getting ready to blast off on a chase to just something changing in its world.
he/she does look a bit unsure to me, working out whether to be anxious or not about what they are focusing on?
How do people feel about this thread - something to continue? Anyone want to contribute a photo?
I think it's a brilliant thread. Photos below of Jasper and his friend Elba - anyone want to hazard a guess what he's thinking?



I would say their close physical contact with each other shows a lot of mutual trust and confidence with each other?

Edited - having seen more photos of Jasper over the years, I see a totally different expression in his face now!
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Interesting... that's not how I read it, but of course I have the advantage of being there at the time and knowing the dogs - and I still might be wrong:D

Anyone else have any thoughts?
Oh no - am I way off? I thought the touching indicated a high level of trust and closeness!
Ah, I see what you mean now.
It's a great thread @JoanneF please keep it going. :emoji_ballot_box_with_check:

I've made it sticky. I think it's really important for every dog owner to be aware of different signals given by dogs. The yellow lab I was walking (mentioned previously) is actually suffering with high anxiety and is now with a behaviourist. His owners love him greatly but were told by the vet it was a dominance problem so were actually making his problems worse without even realising it!
I think in the first and second photos Jaspers eyes tell the story he looks very wary. I recognise this look from Murphy!
I would say, Elba wants to play but Jasper does not. Using play in the widest sense. Jasper would be happier if Elba stood away a bit. He does not appear to be frightened just not relaxed.
Good analyses!

Elba is a deerhound and was under 1 year at that time so a great big puppy. She was as tall as Jasper, and heavier. As a member of the sighthound clan, she adores and worships Jasper and is desperate to play with him and be best buddies ever.

Jasper also loves other sighthounds, but he hardly ever plays with other dogs, including play-chase (though he will on occasion). He also isn't fond of bouncy dogs, and feels vulnerable/insecure when they are larger than him and loom over him (he's also not used to meeting dogs bigger than him).

However, he has generally good manners with sighthounds, females, and puppies unless he gets really fed up. So you can see in the photos, Elba is turning towards him (practically trying to snog him) and he is orienting away from her. His eyes show he's not loving her attention but he is trying so hard to be Tolerant Long-Suffering Uncle Jasper.

Another thing worth mentioning is that in the last photo, he's looking straight at me. I'm pretty sure he's saying 'Mum, rescue me!' Or to show my age, 'Ma, she's making eyes at me...Every minute she gets bolder, Now she's leaning on my shoulder, Ma, she's kissing me' :D

We did go our separate ways after that to give him a break from her attentions ;)
What about this one, it's the leaflet for our emergency vet.

'Muuuuum, don't leave me, I'm scaaaared!!'

For starters I think the vet shouldn't be trying to make strong eye contact at such a close range.

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