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are there forums for the breeds they sell? clearly they wont be as good as this one, but they probably should be told. i suppose its naive to think the kennel club would have a problem with them?
chillitt said:
are there forums for the breeds they sell? clearly they wont be as good as this one, but they probably should be told. i suppose its naive to think the kennel club would have a problem with them?
i doubt the k.c would do much :( the staffords i looked at were priced £250 girls and £275 boys. as the price range for pedigree k.c reg staffords is £400 to £600, blue notwithstanding, these little mites are no doubt non reg, meaning the k.c has no authority over the breeder, never mind the seller. the most the k.c could do is issue a warning when people phone up looking for puppies, but again, ultimately the buyer makes their own choice, and phoning the k.c regarding pups doesnt even occur to some people :unsure:
OMG. Selfish, greedy, heartless, money grabbing pieces of $h*t. Have you read the warranty page? They even warn you that puppies "..can, and do, die"! What hateful, hateful people. Why is this legal? Its so depressing.
The worst of it is. With it being so close to xmas, breeders may not be selling their pups at the moment. Someone can go onto this site after coming up with the amazing idea of getting a puppy for their child for xmas without even considering the responsibility buy a pup then it ends up in a shelter two weeks later. It makes me sick.
I feel sick, i just checked the Puppy Paradise site and they have 6 new breeds on there for sale.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

English Bulldogs

Cocker Spaniels

Chocolate Labs

Jack Russels


How can these people be allowed to get away with this. Those poor pups are going to probably be bought for xmas and end up abandoned somewhere.

:rant: :rant: :rant: :rant:
:rant: :rant: :rant: i know for a fact bulldogs are very difficult to breed, and shouldnt just be sold to any old person. the puppy mortality rate is very high, and the thought of a person buying them in order to start their own farm...

WHO is supplying this disgraceful company??
I was speaking to a lawyer friend of mine who recommended the name of an MSP in my area. I have just written him a very long e-mail concerning the dog and cat fur trade and also about this site. I included the url of the site so he could go and have a look for himself. My lawyer friend is also meeting with me when I get back home and maybe there are some steps we can take to stopping this.
I have emailed them and forwarded the link to KC if enough of us do they may look i have also spread the link on my gsd forum.
Anything anyone can do to try to stop this trade in puppies can only be for the good. People who buy from these outlets usually are buying a pup on a whim, it seems like a good idea-For the kids at Christmas- Most reputable rehoming centres don't rehome for a couple of weeks prior to C'mas & a week after so these awful places have the monopoly on puppy sales at this time of year. They go & even if the pup looks a bit sickly they feel sorry for it & buy it anyway, thinking it will be O.K.

A couple of weeks later they've got a very poorly pup (or worse, a dead one) a very big vets bill and when eventually the pup recovers physically they find out it has all sorts of mental problems.

That's when rescue steps in....... and the people go and get another pup... on it goes. :rant: :rant:
A year or so before i was born my mum and dad bought a springer pup off some breeder, they picked the pup up and it seemed fine 2 days later my dad had to have it put to sleep, it was soooo poorly. I forget the in's and out's of it now but my dad took it to the papers when he found out other people had had pups die off this man too, the bloke got screwed up and down big time - will have to see if they still have the newspaper clippings somewhere.

Needless to say it left my mum and dad out of pocket and totally devastated.
Hope mally manages a reccy tomorrow to give us a bit more gen. handled right :D (catch a lot more wasps with jam than vinegar) we may well learn where they are sourcing pups from. Because i still reckon premises/conditions themselves will be fine as they are 'front of house'.

Know there was a big case near my Mums couple of years ago-trading standards got involved 1st beleive it or not :eek: before any dog agencies were concerned enough-most of the dogs were not of sound health or mind with repercussions for the buyers, hence why this operation came to to mind in some parts of the country puppy farming was/is encouraged viewed as a viable business :rant: Anyway this shower were having pups brought in from Ireland and Wales-transported in cramped unsuitable conditions, taken from their dam well before their time, to be held in unsuitable conditions-when the buyers phoned, the pup of the breed/sex they were interested in was hosed down and towel dried ready for their visit-they did'nt see the rest of the litter/ was'nt as slick an operation as the one we are all concerned about now, but the same principals applied.

I maintain dog welfare/public awareness has come on a lot in my lifetime, sadly there is still a long way to go, all we can do is keep it moving forward which I have every faith we will :thumbsup:
Whilst I deplore what these people are doing, there is no evidence that the puppies are not healthy, and well bred.

This is only one puppy farming website, there are loads of websites out there offering a guarantee/warranty and charging extorionate prices! :( These people prey on the gullible and ill informed and over ellaborate their dogs/lines qualities!
I agree Scott with what you are saying but there needs to be tighter restrictions on selling unseen online through paypal, 25 quid delivered :rant:

The public also needs more education on these matters too but then again where i live they are happy to buy a £100 GSD to tie to a chain to gaurd the yard.
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another thing that i find disturbing: security. if some buys a puppy, how safe are the details? if a dog thief got hold of the addresses delivered to, the pups could be stolen :( god knows thieves can steal identities online, but really all it would take is a dodgy delivery person :( organised gangs, and they do exist, would willingly buy that sort of information as it saves them searching for suitable animals then finding the homes to steal them from. its a scary thought :(
Found out something interesting today. I went back to that puppy paradise website to find the following message

The website is being totally re-vamped and will be down for

4 weeks. Sorry about this but please do contact us with any

questions you may have.

I wonder if it has something to do with us e-mailing them? Maybe...maybe not?
Well i put it on my gsd forum too and the members there emailed them, wrote to KC, wrote to rspca and our dogs paper all of whom repleyed saying the matter is in hand which shows you not to sit back, action does work, good work Lynne :thumbsup:
Hey Guys

This thread kinda lay dormant for a while. Well if you look at the last post I made you'll see that the site was down for refurbishment and it said that it would be down for four weeks. Well it is now three months on and the message is

The website is being totally re-vamped and will be down for

2 weeks. Sorry about this but please do contact us with any

questions you may have.

Its been like this for a while now. So the e-mails that were sent may have just done the trick. Thought I would update and let ya'll know. :thumbsup:
I think we k9's ought to on the hunt for other sites like this one and get them closed too!!!!!! :)

Keep looking fellow k9's and post the addy on here!! :cheers:

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