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Ok, maybe I am the only one who thinks this is terrible. Looking through the adtrader website...and i come across this

It is a website, where you can choose a it and have it delivered straight to your door. How can you be sure that the pup you are getting is of sound body and mind? You have not seen the have not had a chance to see your pup with its litter mates...let alone the surroundings it is being kept in. Of course you can go and have a look at these dogs...but in my right minded reputable breeder would sell their pups in such a disaterous manner. :rant:
I can't get started on this, I really can't. This is purely a business, who else would have a "warranty" page when discussing puppies?????!!!!!!!!

I am so mad and feel sick, it's disgusting, but will never stop because there are people in this world that keep using services such as these so it's supply and demand. :rant:

Very, very depressing :(
:rant: :rant: :rant: Have you seen where it is too ! Not too far from here , They only !! have 5 breeds AT the Moment , . Im making inquireirs as if i was interested , just to see what questions ,( if any) they ask about me and suitabitly :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant:

I will bet you any amount you want Jax, the only thing they will be interested in is that you can pay.
Hate it, hate it, hate it

Hate anyone breeding stupid amount of litters be it one breed or twenty - money grabbing b@$7@8ds :rant: :rant:
i just can,t believe it :rant: :rant: so disgusting,they are treated these poor puppies likesomething you buy off Argos :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant:
There should be a law against something like this. People are good at jumping up when a dog bites a human but when puppies are being sold in this manner it is no wonder. The people buying these pups probably have no idea what they are doing let alone how to begin training a dog. Even basic training would help, what is the world coming to?
:rant: :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant: :angry: :( :'(
If people didnt buy from these places though they"d soon go out of buisness, dosent matter how many times you tell people not to buy from places like this they still do. There not even cheap, they seem to charge through the nose for the pups. But people still buy from them, WHY?
the ba****ds are only 5miles from me and i'm going to have a ride down their on monday so rest assured if theirs anything i don't like i'll be on to the authorities.

I can't believe that it's legal poor pups. How can they tell if buyers are suitable to own a puppy?

i'll check with the council to see if they have a breeder/ petshop license.

i'll get back to you all on monday
This is absolutely disgraceful - should be banned. :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant:
This is Feckin sick. :rant:

Noticed they've done their homework as of the 5 breeds currently available 4 are in the current top 10 most popular and the Westies used to be. Wonderful how it all sounds so sterile :x with not a mention of the pups being handled or socialised or the parent/s being able to be seen :rant: Wonder who they are buying them off-'cos I suspect they are not bred by them, rather brought there as point of sale. Interesting that there is not a mention i can find of what happens after the 14 day return policy, should there be any problem. Or indeed can I find anywhere that mentions KC registration and papers for these breeds, since they're not shy with the prices. Get a funny feeling that this is the 'respectable' face of a bigger farming operation :( and things may well check out on premises ok, as they are just brought in when ready (in which case dunno if they'd need a breeders licence would they?)

Please do tell us how you get on Mally (good on you for checking this out). :thumbsup: :luck:
This will be another issue I bring up when I speak to the first minister concerning the trade of dog and cat fur issue. These things have to be addressed.
well, i've just sent an email to a stafford breed club, voicing my concerns. hopefully they'll spread the word, fingers crossed
disgusting!!!!!! :rant: :rant: :rant: :rant: i hope whippets do not become popular!!!!

yeah! rubbish breed whippets!..horrible little dogs!!! :- " ;)
What really burns me is that places like this always have Cavalier king charles spaniels at some point or another. They are a breed my family have kept for years and such nice little dogs, they dont need to be sold in this manner.
ive just sent them an email with some of my thoughts. :angry: they dont bear disgusted that people use animals like this as a commercial commodity like a bag of potatoes. :rant: they need closing down and whats more people need EDUCATING as to why they should never buy from places like this
I have emailed them too.

I think we should all send them an email telling them what we think about what they are doing, If nothing else it might bung their email address up and stop potential buyers emailing them.

So folks get emailing!!!!
Thats a fairly good idea Dawn :thumbsup:

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