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Can Dogs Eat Vegetable Soup?

Orinjpeel said:
I though that you loose some of the nutrients into the water that is why steaming the veg is a better way to cook. If the water is kept - as in soup - then most of the nutrients are making it to the dog.  I will do a bit more research on it.
They loved their soup this morning.

I think the cooking actually destroys many nutrients, it's not only that they leach out into the cooking water but that heat kills them :thumbsup:
Helens right the nutriants are actualy destroyed by the heat in the water.

Veg is best fed raw and blended up in a food processor to a paste that way it's easyer for the dogs to digest.
Wendy said:
yup - skin bones and all - just make sure it's raw.  If you think your dog might gulp and are a bit worried you can either break it down into pieces, or use a hammer on it.
My whippets are fine with the wings, but my whippet-mix had to learn to chew.  I found a way to hold it that she didn't mistake my fingers for part of it (ouch), and made her chew till she'd crunched it up good before I'd let go.  It took a few weeks, but after that I'd just give her her piece and tell her 'chew' and she would eat it nicely (but still FAST)


Sucess, the dog just ate 2 raw wings. He licked them for 10 minutes though, so i gave a helping hand by holding them. 2 a day from now then.

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