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Can we accommodate a samoyed puppy ?

Discussion in 'General Dog Forum' started by ZoeMarie88, Jul 12, 2015.

  1. ZoeMarie88

    ZoeMarie88 New Member Registered

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    Hi, I'm zoey and new to this forum, just seeking advise really. My partner (MP) & I are considering getting a male samoyed puppy. I have been told they require a lot of human interaction so I wanted to make sure our work commitments would fit around bringing up a happy sammy as we wouldn't want it to be unhappy.

    I work 7:30-16:00 mon-Thurs & 7:30 -14:30 on a Fri. MP works alternative shifts, 6:00-14:00 one week, then the next 14:00-22:00. So my first question is how long can they be left alone for? When MP's on the late shift, the sammy would only be left for just over 2.5 hrs a day as MP would leave for work at half one and I would return just after 4. However, when my partners on his morning shift, the time length would be longer and twice a day. My work is flexible so I could return for dinner for an hour between 11-12 so the sammy would be left alone for approx 3 hrs and MP would return home from work at about 14:30 so he would be left again after this for about 2.5 hrs. Obviously we would keep him entertained by taking him on 2, hour walks a day, we live near a river with plenty of green area, plus free time in our decent sized back garden.

    Would we need a cage to keep him in whilst being left alone? How old till the sammy can be trusted without it and can be left for longer periods of time? This would be our first dog so we want to make sure we can suit the needs of a sammy.

    Given all this information, could we fulfil a happy sammy ? And what age puppy would be recommended? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Kara 1

    Kara 1 Well-Known Member Registered

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    Samoyeds need lots of socialising and exercise. ...maybe an adult rescue if you really have your heart set on this specific breed especially as a puppy will be left alot during the day
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  3. Flobo

    Flobo Well-Known Member Registered Partner

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    As a first dog for you and your partner I would suggest you do a lot of research on this breed before you set your hearts on a Samoyed pup. Speak to others that have this breed if possible, or think again, there are easier dogs out there that may suit you better? Just a thought...;)
  4. Josie

    Josie Administrator Administrator Registered

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    Will this be the first dog for you both or have you grown up with dogs? Just curious as I wouldn’t put a Samoyed down as the usual first time dog breed to go for (but maybe I’m wrong!)

    It sounds like your shift patterns could work. Are you also able to get a dog walker if needed?
    Bare in mind Puppies won’t be able to walk 2hrs a day until they reach a certain age.

    I’m not sure if we have any Samoyed owners on the forum but maybe there is a breed specific Facebook page for owners of Samoyeds that you could ask more specifics of the breed?
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