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Corneal Ulcer BUT dog is allergic to local anaesthesia PLEASE HELP


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Hi, I have an 11 year old Husky, still has all the energy in the world and has been of great health up until a cist on here eye caused a corneal ulcer. Have been to the vet and been given copious amounts of medication but the way things are looking, the ulcer looks too bad to be cured with medication.

The vet has basically told us that if it doesn't heal she will need to have surgery on her eye and be put to sleep to do so. BUT the issue is that she is heavily allergic to local anaesthetic and almost died on the table when given it to have her spayed. I was also told that is she doesn't have surgery and the eye ruptures because of the ulcer, she will need to be put down. I feel like I have pretty much been given a timer on my dogs life with no positive outlook.

Please tell me there is some other way to help cure this/ some other drug she can take to be put under to have surgery.
Have they not talked about removing her eye...whilst she maybe allergic to one anesthetic they would test her for others...
We had to have one of our French Bulldogs eye removed many years ago ...she recovered well...same sort of problem as your girls and she was 10 ...
There are different formulations of anaesthetic drugs for dogs. I'd be speaking to your vet about which component of the anaesthetic she reacts badly to, and whether there is a safer one.

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