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coursing in Newcastle upon tyne


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Does anyone know where I can go coursing (live or lure) with my Whippet & Greyhound in Newcastle upon Tyne? Thanks.|
hy mate

i live in the newcastle area and know that you will struggle to find any coursing,there is plenty of racing in this area.

if you fancy joining me and my whippets on a night out rabbiting just let me know ; happy hunting.

Hi Skye,

     have you thought about getting your own lure ?


(Mark 10% commission)
Doesn't that Jeff sound like a nice man! he's the sort you would sell a pup to. ;)

Scott i'll knock your 10% of Jo's pup  :biggrin:
hmmm I think not!

she's not having one!

not even for a new computer!

carefull out there

        there a dodgy lot these

        whippet people

      where's my 10% mr roberts

see ya's soon

Hi Jeff

        I think discounts should be linked to race meetings attended:wink:

That means a discount of - :biggrin:

Scott you're a Hard Hard man it's not as if you're wife ask's for a lot, and she looked realy happy in the pic with the pup,

just think 80gb to coin a famous frais

go on - go on - go on - go on!:cool:

(Edited by Mark Roberts at 8:20 am on Nov. 23, 2001)
Hi June

           it's a Pentium 4 as well? he's a very hard man & with Xmas coming as well.:sad:

Scott I bet you hang out of the window on Xmas day shouting at all the poor children, :eek:

Bahhh Humbug
Well if its a Pentium 4 that means the two pups will come complete with new toys, bowls, coats and matching leads and collars - no problem!!!!

PS - I will now duck when I see u on Sunday!!
Duck on Sunday???????? "I know its been wet June but i'd still use the dogs":biggrin:

I think i'll have to stay home and wash my hair!:confused:
A duck might get out of the trap quicker!

Or should I give her that well known drink and try and give her wings!!!

PS - dare I say it - which hair?  -  or was it hare as this is the coursing board!!
Well June you do keep telling me you have a flying machine.

i'm sure she's already got wings being a little Angel!

My Hair seems to be very endangerd and needs imediate protection.

Hare coursing no lack of Hair curseing YES
She's still not having one!

Unless it's a black and white dog in the region of 22lbs!


       I've now blocked your email address from sending me pictures! The last thing I need is Joanne seeing a picture of darn cute puppies! She's already called it Seth!




       i'll send them to Katie and get her to show Jo at work???????????????? Seths a lovely name

Jeff thought about fly pitching like Del Boy what do you think

(Edited by Mark Roberts at 11:28 pm on Nov. 23, 2001)
Hi Scott,

I wouldn't even know how to start lure coursing - I know nothing about it but we used to have a non-pedigree Whippet that we used to race & she loved it.  I would like to set up  Pedigree Whippet Racing here in the Northeast.  I'm sure a lot of folks would be interested.
Hi Skye,

          this is the place to get advice/answers to any questions you may have. Mark usually doesn't need asking twice away.

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