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coursing in Newcastle upon tyne

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Well I've finally persuaded Joanne that we need 3 computers. Expect to see a newbie in the near future.


        You're Spoilt, 3 computers? what you gona do e/mail Jo downstairs when you want a drink?

you've nearly got as many computers as dogs! quick get another dog before that happens.

see you & JO tommorow I hope no one mentions PUPS to Jo

Hi Skye

           Jeff who wrote a piece on this thread tried to set up a Pedigree racing club up near Chester-Le-St but met with a lack of interest, but that was about 2 years ago.

The problem is getting enough people interested, what you need to do is get a few ads in local papers stating what you have planned and do some flyers stating the same put them in pet shops local vets whippet breed club shows ect, maybe arange a day/date/place asking for anyone interested to turn up there to discuse it. i'm sure if you get in touch with Jeff he would still be up for it and there is a need for a club up your way.

if you start small ie: arange some training sessions invite owners to come and run their dogs behind a lure to get the interest going you could hand slip them and let them run, that way if you get enough interest you could then look into setting up a club (Committee ect) and then start building on that (traps ect) and then who knows but nothing ventured nothing gained.

I used to run my dogs in the local park with my lure, one morning at 6 am a bloke came across who had been out rabbiting watched for a while then came to talk I gave his dog a go.

a few days later when we turned up at 6.15am there were three blokes who had talked to their mate who told them if you go there he'll let you run them?? a pain when your hopeing for a bit of piece and quiet to train your pups but it does show if you start it then it could soon grow.

i'll e/mail you my number and if you need any help just give me a ring.
Hey Mark,

            maybe you've got something there! I'm going to give my neices a computer fro christmas but I could set another up downstairs to send Jo instructions.


What it must be like to have a wife who listens to instructions??? you'll have to tell me you're secret:biggrin:
hy skye

         as mark was saying i tried to generate interest

in a ped racing club in this area  a while back but found little interest,thats not to say there wasn't any at all as there was.if you are interested we could get our heads together and try to start the ball rolling.

in the mean time if you contact me,i have a lure that i use to keep my dogs fit,you are more than welcome to come and run your dogs on my lure.

we could also arrange for you to come down to coppul

(lancs)with me to see how everything works.

i travel down to lancashire about once a fortnight during

the racing season and the odd time for training.

it's a bit of a trek but well worthwhile as i have made some good friends(theres some ammo for you mark+scott,fill ya boots)and enjoy racing very much.

you might also consider joining our club in the meantime

and we could sought some traveling arrangements out.

anyway get in touch if your still interested.


    how could anyone have a go at you? BUT i've now got it in writing that you'll be down once a fortnight so roll on next year and NO overtime excuses.   ;)

how did you get you're picture loaded on your threads it such a good likeness:biggrin:

(Edited by Mark Roberts at 8:11 pm on Nov. 25, 2001)

       with 'good friends' like Mark and myself you don't need enemies!

Now I know why Jo didnt come on Sunday, banned by Scott in case Mark showed her any photos!!


I wish you luck if you decide to set up a club,  Mark's suggestions are well worth following to see if you can get the interest going with even a few people - if you do and want to set up a club, give me a ring (Mark will give you my number) I set up the Caledonian Thistle PWRC in 1999 with two other like minded souls!!  So we've gone through the pain and the learning curve if it helps at all.
hy june

          thanks june,i am waiting for a reply from skye

then we can see what we can sought out,

as i know of some others who might be interested.

i think it would be good to have a club inbetween

yourselves and the northern,so thanks again june.

hy scott

 i can see you having one of them computer systems

that opens+closes the curtains,dims the lights and cooks

your tea etc(no not jo).

       bye for now mate

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