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Diesel’s Doggy Diary

Discussion in 'Dog Diaries' started by Diesel's Dad, Nov 16, 2018.

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    4E72AB11-F079-47DA-AADD-3A81F29560D2.jpeg 1003E92C-CC2F-411D-B317-4BCE8319FFDC.jpeg 54EA09A4-AE96-4151-B581-CF151190DA6C.jpeg I spent a lovely week of long walks with Daddy. He says we can do this all the time when he isn’t at work (whatever that is?) we visited lots of funny places called ‘pubs’ where mum and dad made me sit under the table. Not sure I like that by dad says is a vital skill I need to learn?

    Also last night mum gave me this big green stick thing she had left from Christmas. It was good to chew and play with but it made my poo go a bit runny. I don’t think I’ll get another of them!
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