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Diesel’s Doggy Diary

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I spent a lovely week of long walks with Daddy. He says we can do this all the time when he isn’t at work (whatever that is?) we visited lots of funny places called ‘pubs’ where mum and dad made me sit under the table. Not sure I like that by dad says is a vital skill I need to learn?

Also last night mum gave me this big green stick thing she had left from Christmas. It was good to chew and play with but it made my poo go a bit runny. I don’t think I’ll get another of them!
I’ve been very remiss is not updating this since December!

So many milestones past that I could write all day long and not cover half of the shenanigans he’s been up to!

So in no particular order here’s a quick rundown of the last 7 months!

Basic puppy training passed ok but boundless enthusiasm made it hard work at times. Quickly learned it’s true what they say about boxers stubbornness! We’ve just started further training with a retired police dog trainer who really gets along with big boisterous dogs, getting recall and loose leash walking are our next obstacles.

Has graduated to walking off leash in the woods and he’s AOK most of the time but not a hope in hell of getting his focus once he’s seen another dog. Otherwise recall is pretty good.

Loose lead walking on the local streets is great. Good with all but the loudest of traffic and pretty much ignores most people unless they have dogs. Then all he wants to do is jump and play. My arms are taking some abuse! Have got rid of harness on trainers advice. He pointed out that harness are designed exactly to help pulling! Now that he’s almost full size not too worried about his neck, afterall it’s wider than his head!

Great short break in a forest cabin recently. He loves the freedom to roam and we clocked up around 90km in 4 days according to his GPS tracker! We’re going back with our friends and their pack again in October will be awesome fun!

Continues to grow! Now at ten months he’s just over 30kg which apparently is only a few short of typical adult weight so think he’s going to be a big one!

Certainly makes bath times fun!

I’ve recently taken a redundancy package and am fortunate enough to be in the middle of three months gardening leave so we’re spending loads of time walking, training and sitting in beer gardens!

Had a hormone implant a week or so back to see how it effects his mood before we decide to chop or not. Certainly been calmer since but the vet says it doesn’t work that quick so probably just the heat slowing him down.

Anyway, I’m rambling now but promise to give more frequent and concise updates in future!

Pics from January and today!!!

All the best
One year old today! How time flies! Looking back we had no concept of how much this guy would change our lives, it’s been a real rollercoaster but worth every minute and injury along the way.

Finally turning a corner with his unruly behaviour after some great advice and hard work by our trainer.

He’s just finishing a course of antibiotics after a game of ‘bitey face’ with his best mate (4 month old lab) got a bit out of hand. Seems Diesel feels no pain so just let’s his mate hang of his jowels!

Spent a lovely afternoon walking in the woods followed by pub lunch.

Will be cooking a carrot and peanut butter birthday cake for the weekend.


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Hi, i was just reading Diesals diary and was impressed to read that by 13 weeks you were able to leave him alone in the house. I take it this was not in a crate? I have a nearly 10 week old boxer and am wondering when the right time would be to try and leave her alone. Did you start with small increments of time and build up?

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