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Diesel’s Doggy Diary

Wow what an great time the last 24 hours or so has been, a bit of a rollercoaster! I'm convinced Diesel is just looking forward to going back to tell his litter-mates what a great time he's had!

The drive home was a little over an hour and he slept most of the way home with zero toilet incidents! He was naturally a little nervous yesterday afternoon but we let him explore the living room and patio which he christened with number 1s and 2s straight away. (Need to work on getting him to poo in the corner not right outside the door!) Had a bit of a play and lunch then snoozed on the sofa with DM (Diesel's mum) until around 9pm. Probably left it a bit late to wake him and feed because he didn't want much.

Biggest question from first afternoon is why wouldn't he drink any water? Tried cold, luke warm, tap and filtered in 3 different types of bowl. Made meals extra sloppy to compensate.

First night his bed was beside ours and apart from a few whimpers he slept until around 4am, no big deal as we get up for work at 5:30 anyway. Couple of small damp patches to deal with but pretty happy overall.

With DM working early I introduced him to the kitchen and his crate, didn't take long for him to get comfy when i threw a few treats in! After breakfast we learned a couple of games, 'get the ball out of the box' (catchy!) and get the treats out of the egg crate which is going to be a favourite! He finally passed out around 9am long enough for me to tidy up and take a shower!

Training to use pads for pee not going well in kitchen so down to teh lounge again with easy access to patio. Much more succesfull, record now around 50% outdoors, 25 on his paper/pads and 25% woops!

Did a bit of treat training and he's got 'sit' down a treat. Except that as soon as he sees the bag of treats his bum hits the floor!

Had a major attach of the zoomies this afternoon and got very 'nippy' - any advice of stopping nips would be great! he has stacks of things he loves to chew but for some reason our hands, ankles, ears and noses seem tastier! DM's feet are favourites!

Kong full of coconut oil kept him occupied for a while, think thats another hit!

Solved the drinking thing by giving him 50/50 water and goats milk, will reduce milk over time.

Next issues, when outside he loves eating soggy fallen leaves, he's hoovering them up!

So a day in and snuggled up on the sofa again! DM and me haven't smiled this much in ages!

That made a great read, thanks. I'm glad Diesel is getting on well :)
He’s going to be a challenge this pup! We’ve clamped down on the nipping and toilet training going ok as long as we stick to the hourly routine of going out.

Still not eating or drinking enough despite us sticking exactly to his previous diet. Possibly he’s not used to having it all to himself and is used to competition? Will talk with breeder today for advice.

And don’t get me started on Zoomies! Or poop eating...
View attachment 111977643 He’s going to be a challenge this pup! We’ve clamped down on the nipping and toilet training going ok as long as we stick to the hourly routine of going out.

Still not eating or drinking enough despite us sticking exactly to his previous diet. Possibly he’s not used to having it all to himself and is used to competition? Will talk with breeder today for advice.

And don’t get me started on Zoomies! Or poop eating...

He looks so cosy in his bed :rolleyes:
Oh, the zoomies are wonderful, I miss the zoomies! I might be looking back on them at a long distance through rose-tinted glasses though ;)

Have you tried leaving the water down for a while for the chemicals to leach out? I'm guessing you have, as you're not going to be refilling the bowl every 10 minutes, but it was just a thought - water in different parts of the country can taste quite different. Make sure you know the signs of dehydration, and act quickly if you see any.

I found the best way to deal with nipping was to turn and leave the room (or put the pup out of the room) every time tooth touched flesh. Yelping helps with some dogs, but just gets others even more excited. You only need to leave him in timeout for 5-10 seconds, as after that he'd forget what it was that led to the fun stopping anyway. Carrying a toy to shove in his mouth whenever he gets that look in his eye can help too.
Aww he looks so cute all legs and floppyness. Murphy is two and still has zoomies but I dont miss the nipping one bit.. Have to say nothing helped with him except spraying a bit of no bite on my hands..(it was only me never OH he nibbled)
Yes, he’s definitely in the cute phase! All big ears and oversize feet which don’t always go in the right direction.

Just spoke with the breeder about lack of appetite and she says not to worry for now. Apparently Diesels last sibling left his mum yesterday and mum is also off her food! Poor things, we forget how disruptive leaving is for them.

Fingers crossed.
Diesel you are such a cutie!
I can sympathise with the poo eating my 2yr old still loves it lol and well the zoomies! The best part off that is when they sleep :)
Well his appetite is slowly getting better, bit of grated cheese on top of regular scoff is going down a treat!

We had a planned visit to the vet today just for socialisation, meet the staff, look around waiting room etc. However this am Diesel had very waxy years and was scratching a lot so the vet took a look and suspects ear mites. So after a good clean up we’ve given him his first flea treatment.

He took the whole experience pretty well and loved all the attention!

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Well done Diesel :rolleyes: bet they all fell in love with him :p
82F38C72-9617-4D33-9B57-B5E963EC64AE.jpeg 4C4EBAB6-C8F8-4894-8832-DC82E6CB3CF3.jpeg
1 week in and what a rollercoaster! Diesel is now 9 weeks 2 days old and has already captured our hearts.

I spent the week off work to bond and start training. He’s now eating properly although still only drinking dilute goats milk.

Potty training not bad except when he gets excited! He’s sleeping through the night peacefully and mostly uses his training mat which saves us getting up!

Commands so far pretty basic, he’s got ‘sit’ and ‘paw’ nailed and will walk to heel for a few yards with plenty of tasty bribes.

New collar today! A proper fit this time so doesn’t seem to bother him.

Biggest issue is the huge amount of energy when he isn’t asleep and trying to stop the biting! Slow burner that one!

Back to snoozing on the sofa with DM now.

Peace at last, it’s her turn next week, I’m back at work for a rest!

Nice! A glass of wine is a definitely great way to wrap up a day of entertaining the puppy ;-)
Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, this little guy is certainly eating our time as well as anything he can get his chops around!

So.... at 13 weeks now and he’s certainly made our house his home. Thankfully his ear issues (thread elsewhere) have cleared up and his 2 day squishy poops came and went.

Toilet training still hit and miss, probably as DM isn’t as strict as I try to be about the routine.

The zoomies and biting are improving at least to the stage where we can almost keep him under control.

Been exploring the big wide world now jabs are all done. On a weekday we do three short walks each day 7am, around 2 and 9 ish. Weekends longer outings. See pics

Coping very well with being alone. Max of 5 hours 3 days each week which is a relief, had visions of returning to a demolished house!

And even managed his first bath which was a lot of very soggy fun!

Got some downtime over Christmas to work more on training and get started on pup classes, still a bit nervous of other dogs and people.

Hope everyone and their dogs has a great holiday season!



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haven't updated for a while so here goes!

Now at just over 14 weeks (when do we start talking in months?) and 12kgs of boundless puppy energy which isn't getting any easier to control! 90% of the time he's a sweet sleepy bundle of fluff, the other 10% he's a zoomy bitey little bugger!

A few positive milestones passed recently...

Found a few good spots a short drive away for walks with lots of friendly well behaved dogs to meet. Really needs to work on his manners though, he gets very frustrated that older dogs are walking off the lead and cant understand why he's restricted! We met a fantastic couple of older boxers yesterday and there was a real sign of recognition there which was great to see, although i do think he was trying to suckle from one of them!

First visit to the pub as well! fortunately it was quiet and fortunately the staff ignored him which is a good tactic, its when he gets excited the problems begin. managed half an hour sat quietly under the table, a skill he's going to need a lots in future! took plenty of treats to keep his nose out of our crisps though!

My parents came to visit for a couple of days after Christmas which was great. My Dad has always been terrified of dogs after being mauled badly as a kid but by the end of the first day they were snuggled asleep on the sofa together.

We've booked our first session with a trainer next week who comes highly recommended. Our priorities will be impulse control, recall and walking without dragging me in tow. Starting off with a 1-2-1 session at home so we can make a plan.

Today was a bit of a shock when Diesel started limping really badly on his front right leg and was clearly uncomfortable so straight down to the vet who is open for drop in emergencies only on sunday. Fortunately nothing displaced or broken probably just a twist or strain caused by running around at 1000 miles per hour last night. So metacam and sofa rest prescribed, rather thankful for medication that makes him dozy!

thats all for now but ill let you know how his leg goes and what the trainer says! hope you all had a great Christmas and best wishes to you for a happy doggy 2019!

He sounds like he's doing really well! Don't worry about all the bits that are 'work in progress' - they will come in time.
Sorry, just catching up! He is proper lovely and you sound like you're doing great with him. Absolutely loving the pics :D
Great update! So it’s already been a month and a week or so.. Time flies. Enjoy!

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