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Diet change

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Oh no @DixieD were they ok once they’d found the issue?

He’s just eaten some rice and chicken with no persuasion but he’s already thrown up some cooked chicken I gave him earlier.

He’s been off the antibiotics for over a week now though :-(

The rice wnd chicken’s sounding promising... :)
Just to keep everyone updated...

We took Den in for blood tests this afternoon.

Whilst we were there he had the worst diarrhoea I have ever seen and the smell was horrendous.

In a way I’m glad the vet witnesses this.

He’s on chicken and rice which he was keen to eat but has just brought it back up again :-(

Hoping these bloods give us the answers to get him better and hoping it isn’t something serious but at the moment I don’t feel very positive
View attachment 111978593

Unfortunately not, but I didn’t want to worry you too much, as it’s probably not the same thing. Even if they’d felt they could treat him, he was a smooth collie with the MDR1 deficient gene, which a lot of them have, we found out just before then, when he was put on a drug that made his legs go out of control, he had no idea where they were. The MDR1 gene meant he couldn’t tolerate the drugs required, as they would cross the blood/brain barrier.

Oh gosh I’m sorry to hear this :-(

Really trying to stay positive
It is good the vet was able to see how things are. He or she will be able to make a better disgnosis, when the bloods come back, and hopefully be able to clear things up quickly. Do you think they were able to test the stuff that came out incase there’s something bacterial going on,

Thank you for your kind words re Wolfie. He always had a bit of a dickie tummy, but was bright as a button (though neurotic with it). It all happened very quickly, though he must have had the illness for a while, so, up till then, he had always had a good quality of life.

Dogs, they’re members of the family, with all the emotions that come with that. <3
@Josie try to keep your chin up I know it's easier said than done we worry about them but hopefully he's just got a really nasty bug and it's taking it's time to clear up.
I hope you get to the bottom of it and know what to give him to help x sending hugs to you and Dennis.
Thank you all for your support - it really helps to talk to other dog owners and lovers who understand.

He was after our sausages at dinner this evening so that’s a good sign!

@DixieD we've had poo samples done and came back with nothing.

Will keep you posted.
I know you just found this raw food supplier, and you were really impressed, but I wonder if there could have been a problem with the food batch? Sort of hoping it might still be something straightforward.
Thank you all for your support - it really helps to talk to other dog owners and lovers who understand.

He was after our sausages at dinner this evening so that’s a good sign!

@DixieD we've had poo samples done and came back with nothing.

Will keep you posted.

Hi Josie,
I really hope that Dennis will come out of this episode hale and hearty. Our dogs bring joy and happiness to our lives as an integral part of our family. If my boys were ill and i didn't know what ailed them I'd be beside myself with worry.
I do hope that all will be well. It's promising that he's eaten sausages. My love and hugs to you both. Hopefully there's nothing to worry about.
Poor Dennis lets hope you get some answers with the blood results:)
Thank you. They really are such a big part of the family and I don’t know what I’d do without him!

It just wouldn’t feel right opening the toilet door and not finding any eyes staring back at you or opening the fridge door without detection
Blood results didn’t come back showing anything nasty so we’re going for an ultrasound tomorrow.

I’m hoping this has all been because he’s intolerant to something we’ve missed but we want to have everything properly checked first to rule out any major issues.
Fingers crossed. You can always work round an intolerance.

How’s Dennis in himself today? <3
He’s been ok, wanting to eat which is good but he’s refusing to eat rice just the cooked chicken!

Terrible poo again.

Hoping for answers tomorrow.

Thank you for asking!
Are you sure he hasn't developed an intolerance to chicken? It might be worth eliminating from his diet for a good few days.
Could be possible @JoanneF - his diarrhoea did start before we were told to place him on chicken and rice.... maybe he did have a bug to begin with and then we’ve made it worse now by giving him chicken.

He’s never had issues with chicken before but then he’s never eaten so much.

The vet did mention diet change but he said (and I agree) that if we have an ultrasound first at least we know if there’s anything more serious going on sooner rather than later.

I’m so impressed with our vets, they’ve been amazing throughout. They’ve called me regularly and I know they really love Den and aren’t out to get our money.

I’m off to take some chocolates to the poor receptionist that had to clear up Dens explosion now :emoji_face_palm:
Sounds like you have a great vet practice. :) I’m sure they’ll figure out what’s happening...
Good luck with him- it took ages for us to get the cocker's tum settled.
Hello all,

Just to give an update...

So nothing major showed in bloods or with the ultrasound which is good.

He’s actually done two firm poos today and yesterday with some diarrhoea in between.

Vets wants to do another poo sample.

Since this has all started I have heard from lots of people that they know a dog that has been suffering diarrhoea and sickness.
Maybe there’s a bad bug going round? and it’s taking poor den along time to shift.

Has anyone heard anything?

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