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Dilly is a stunning girl, approx 2 years old and an absolute sweetheart with a lovely gentle nature. She has the most beautiful soulful eyes and is very loving and eager to please. She also has a fun playful side to her that is starting to emerge. She is clean in the house, good with other dogs and good on the lead and in the car. Dilly is approx 21 inches to the shoulder. Given a bit of time and patience she will blossom into the most wonderful little dog and will make a fantastic companion for a very lucky person. To see more photos of Dilly or to apply to adopt her please visit our website


Please note that this is a joint rehoming with Sighthound Rescue Jersey

Sighthound Rescue Jersey will provide rescue backup for this dog in the UK and adopters will sign a joint Whippet Rescue Ireland/Sighthound Rescue Jersey Adoption Contract

***We can only rehome to areas in the UK where we have an approved homechecker to carry out a homecheck, and to areas where we can transport dogs to easily***
If Scruples can help Dilly to find her new forever home, please do let us know :thumbsup:

We have experienced whippet homecheckers all over the UK and we may also be able to help with transport :thumbsup:

She is 100% gorgeous :wub: and I have no doubt you will find it very difficult to say goodbye to such a lovely girl.
:wub: She is beautiful isn't she, can't imagine she will have to wait too long for her forever sofa. :luck: Dilly
Poor Dilly

I hope that she finds a permanent sofa and lots of :huggles: :huggles: :huggles: :wub: :wub: :wub: very soon :luck:
What a gorgeous girl she is and those eyes would make anyones heart melt :huggles: Hope she finds a forever home very soon :luck: :luck: :luck:
Someone is going to be very lucky to get beautiful Dilly :wub:
I so love this girl, she's right at the top of my 'if only' list. I'm sure she will be snapped up very quickly :wub: :wub:

I think it should be written into her adoption contract that any new owner must join K9 and provide regular updates and pictures :p
I will keep my fingers crossed that all goes well. :luck: :luck: :luck:

She has been through so much and deserves the best of forever sofas :wub:
Good luck with your new whippets servants, Dilly!!!

Have a lovely life with all that a whippet could wish for :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
Dilly is coming to live 10 mins away from me, and will come and visit Tiny! I've made her new mummy promise to post piccies - and I will too. :)
You will just love her when you meet her Claire, she is an absolute sweetheart. We will look forward to the photos :thumbsup:
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Brilliant news, I'm so pleased we'll get some updates on her :D
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