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Dog cough


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My Labrador dog has been going a cough like she has something stuck in her throat and wretching when she first started to do it was only every now and again when she washed her legs now its daily several times a day she does about 3 or 4 coughs then wretches like something stuck in throat I tried attach video of her going it it didn't work , she's 14 in 4 months I'm ringing vets tomorrow but has anyone else experienced this
How long has she been doing this for ? Could it be kennel cough ?
She started a few months ago but was only rare she did it when it first started now its every day she dont stay in kennels I have 2 other dogs too so dont think its kennel cough I'm worried about her heart she's 14 soon I'm hoping to get her into vets tomorrow when I ring
How is she now?

Kennel cough is very very contagious and if you let your dog drink from the communal water bowls you see around the place, the chances of them picking up the virus are high (and it's like human flu, many strains and evolves all the time).

I always carry my own water and bowl for my dog.
The cough started months ago though so can it still be kennel cough plus without my other 2 dogs getting it as there fine she was only doing it rarely at first when she was washing her legs I just thought her washing was making her cough bit now its other times and daily she's been seen by vet tonight 6.30 she also rarely comes into contact with other dogs apart from ones she lives with and she dont drink out of bowls of water outside I really hope its something like that cause with her being nearly 14 im very worried
Yeah me too he says its like asma in dogs there is something else they can try to open airways not sure what it is
She's still coughing went back to vets and he's put her on another tablet fusermide and the other one he put he put her on I searched fusermide says heart kidneys or liver but he said her heart sounded fine when he listened to her before
I took her in at 9am for xray was told to ring at 12.30 they said she won't be awake enough to go home till 6.10pm so I have to wait till then to find out the results
She has lung cancer and has been put on a higher dose of steroid tablets I have to take her back when these run out for him to see how she is he dont know how long she has could be months or a possibility could last a year but she's going to die
Oh @Joanna8899, I'm so sorry. Not what you were hoping to hear. At least you can make sure that her last months are wonderful, happy ones for her.
No I'm totally gutted and in shock but yeah like u said at least I can make her last months her happiest ever
I can't imagine how you are feeling. Is surgery not an option?

I am so sorry - U must be devastated. :( Keeping her comfortable & happy is the standard Rx, i hope she’s not in much pain.

This is completely superfluous now, but is she intact, by any chance?
Intact Fs run an extremely high risk of mammary tumors, which quickly metastasize, & the commonest 2nd site is in lung tissue. :(

I hope U have lots of quality time with her before she reaches the point where she is not enjoying her life, any longer. Preventing their suffering is the greatest gift we have, for our pets... it’s the final caring act, even tho it’s painful for us to make that choice.

Thinking of U, with sympathy,
- terry

I had her spayed years ago I have had all my females spayed I hope she has got some time left before I have to take her too he wants to see her again at the end of the tablets 25 days to see how she is then, I didnt offer surgery I was in shock didn't think to ask at the time but I prosume as there is allot of growths at the top and bottom too I think he said and her lung is white instead of dark I dont know if thats both lungs or just one I will ring back up and ask why surgery isnt an option
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Any surgery is a risk but to think about surgery on a 14 yr old dog with lung cancer sure your vet would have offered this if they thought it was an option least she doesnt know anything. ...spoil her whilst she is with you ...make the most of each day and cherish her xxxxxx
I'm sorry, I missed reading her age - I agree that at 14 it's unlikely to be a good choice. I am so sorry.

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