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Dog cough

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I am so sorry to hear this enjoy your time left with your girl:(
So very very sorry. We lost our much-loved boy in the same way. There are no words to describe how cruel this news is. All I can say is the dog never knows- and you have to let each day be as good as you can make it because to her it will be the same as every other wonderful day she's had with you.
Im.heart broken I'm going to cherish every moment with her how long did your dog live for merlina after you found out the vet said he dont know how long could be weeks months he knew one dog with it that lived a year I'm hoping that she has a longer time as the only symptom she has is a cough she has no other symptoms she even runs about on her walk
I’m so sorry the news wasn’t good, don’t worry yourself wondering how long she has left just try to enjoy every minute you have her xxx
Yeah I know was just hoping its a longer time rather than a short one , thank you so much for your kind replies they have helped me so much
I won't answer re how long Joanna because every dog is different and it can't help. I do know that dogs live in the moment and to them a month or six months is the take good care of both of you.
I can see it won't help me knowing how long other dogs have lived for now , yeah its heart breaking I've had her all her life I have two other dogs too a border collie she's 12 I've had from a puppy too and a jack Russell spaniel cross I rescued at 1 and a half she's 4 in December , I'm thinking I can maybe take her out on her own sometimes special one to one attention
I’m sorry to hear this news, here if you need anything x
My dog is still doing ok just still the coughing from time to time not as often she's still on steroids I give her hemp oil too no other symptoms still running around tons of energy I would of thought the vet had got the diagnosis wrong if it wasnt for him xraying her

She has had the runs for two days can medrone steroids cause this after some months on it I'm going to ring the vets tomorrow she has been doing nber twos in the house for a while but now its just liquid she dont seem poorly in anyway and still eating as much just anything that comes out is liquid

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