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Dog grooming


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Hiiiiiiiiii, I'm starting my dog grooming career in September and would love to hear from anyone that's completed or about to start a course. I've no experience in grooming and would love to know what to expect
Yes, its hard at first to get to grips with the course it can be really hard but others can get to grips quite quickly.
I think @Jack-Russell-Lover is a groomer and may have some advice?

Thanks Joanne,
I haven't done a course, I did my training with my boss but I think courses are certainly worth it.
The dog grooming industry actually does not require you to do a course to be a groomer which is very silly as anyone can just pick up a pair of scissors and go and do grooming which obviously can be dangerous. This is why doing a course and/or hands on training are even more valuable! So it's a very good idea.
I think grooming is one of those jobs that is harder than it looks! It takes alot of concentration and care and it sometimes tests your patience! As some dogs just don't like being groomed! Also the dogs that are double coated and just have a brush out (Spitz, Newfoundland, German Shepherd etc.) are physically tiring!
And as always..practice makes perfect! (Well, maybe not perfect but as close as possible! )
Have you got a job with an existing groomer then?
If so what to expect depends on the type of groomer it is, some like us just have one person's dog(s) there at a time and there are others that have one person doing bathing, brushing and then someone who just does the cutting.
With my job I started off as a work experience girl, so to start with I just spent my days doing bathing, drying and some brushing and then I'd just observe the boss doing the cutting, then I was kept on and started clipping dogs that were quiet and just had a clip off all over and gradually did more complex cuts. Now I do all aspects of grooming (bathing, brushing, clipping etc) in the salon mostly alone so the dogs I have only have appointments with me.
Have you found anywhere that is doing courses yet?
I wish you luck!
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I hope you pick it up quickly too... I used to 'lend' my dogs to the local collage for praticals.. The students practiced general health checks, nail clipping and ear/eye checks as well as basic grooming.. One girl thought she would trim up my border collie and without looking started to bradish a pair of sissors about...Luckily the teacher stopped her pronto or else she would have lopped off his man bits!!
I used to help my old boss at the kennels where I worked with the brushing, washing and drying of the dogs and yes even just that bit can be hard work, was never tempted to pick up the clippers or scissors though as I have OCD leanings and with every best intention of trying to trim evenly and nicely, I would probably end up with naked dogs!!! :oops::D:D
Hahaha, that made me chuckle @Flobo
You do sometimes just have to stop and accept that that's the best cut you'll get, I'm never 100% happy with a cut!! I could spend hours trying to get it perfect!!

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