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Dog Rash - Some Kind Of...


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Took Oscar and Kobi on there usual walks yesterday, and last night when Kobi was upturned in his funny positions - noticed a RASH on his chest and top of his legs. When I examined him further found them in his front 'arm pits' and inside of his back legs too.

It was sore looking and red but some of the spots had puss coming out of them,

I have used some Comfrey, lavender and callendular skin balm last night which seems to have taken the soreness out of them and some of them are a bit scabby looking this morning.

What could have caused these please anyone, I have read about Hives ?? and allergies. Its definitely not fleas because Ive looked and they have all just been done a couple of weeks ago with frontline including the Cats too.

Any ideas please, and also on what to put on or do, other than what Ive used already.

Is it safe to put antihisthamin cream on (human kind) ?? When should i used periton etc. :unsure:

One other thing Kobi is fine in himself and not really scratching that much either, just now and then.

Can I just add - there are no signs of anything on Oscar.
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Hi Janis,

Was he in long grass?

Star gets the same thing if she has been running in long grass, especially if it is wet.

I just squeeze the spots :D and put a bit of aloe vera on her tummy. It goes after a day or so.

I've never used a pirtin with Star for the rash as it never seems to bother her that much - but Vader & Leai have had them for different reasons before.

Hope he better soon :luck:
Thanks Rae, Yes he had been in long grass - he just loves it (w00t) and yesterday it was quite wet too - I did squeeze out the puss before I put the balm on :thumbsup: Would salty water help in this case too please??
Janimal said:
Thanks Rae,  Yes he had been in long grass - he just loves it (w00t)   and yesterday it was quite wet too - I did squeeze out the puss before I put the balm on :thumbsup:   Would salty water help in this case too please??
Yes yes yes! Bathe him in loads of it and if you absolutely MUST squeeze the spots, do make sure both his skin and your hands are ultra-clean. Sounds like pustular pyoderma (common skin infection in puppies) which may need antibiotics if it won't clear up by itself. Hope he's feeling soft and smooth :D
My lot have had the odd spot on their tummie's too after running in long wet grass.I just bathe it with lavender oil on a wet cloth & the spots soon disappear .Salt water is great too,but i've found lavender to be more soothing :thumbsup: Don't think it's a good idea to squeeze them though :x
Sprout gets it (Sprout the dog, not meeee) when he goes in long grass or if he goes to new places where he's not used to the different pollens I suppose


It tends to go away of its own accord after a day or two and I usually bathe him in something like Malaseb shampoo (if thats the name of the soothing one for skin conditions).
I love the " censored" pic (w00t) (w00t)
:lol: :lol: :lol: PMSL at the censored photo! :lol: :lol: :lol:
I know (w00t) But he just looked so undignified laying there with his areas on display that I couldn't bring myself to show the pics like that. His street cred was at risk (w00t)
Thanks all for the replies, - yes it does look just like your pups Sprout is lumpy and bumpy to the feel (w00t) hes not bothered at all by it - but I had never come across this before even with my old dogs before Oscar.

Kobi does love the long grass and tends to run and hide a lot from Oscar :teehee: then does his snake chasing :lol: :lol: the grass is very full with pollen and seeds at the moment, and he has also been in the river a lot lately.

I am going to bathe with salty water again soon.
Managed to get a couple of pictures a few minutes ago (poor dog) sorry NOT censored :oops:

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Poor Kobi :( Stanley got the exact same thing, I'm not sure what caused it but he has only ever had it the once :blink: thought perhaps a particular variety of thistle may have irritated him - I just cleaned it and used the balm, soon went scabby and cleared up, never to return (yet)

I have a picture somewhere of it too, as I like taking pictures of ailments (yes I know I'm strange!!) I'll try and post it later.

:huggles: to Kobi
Awwwwwwww poor Kobi hope it clears up soon Janis. :( Jilly sometimes gets a rash under her armpits but without the pus :x It usually clears up pretty quickly.

Love the censored pic Sprout :lol:
Poor Kobi, It is exactly the same as what Nana gets when she has been in long grass and it tends to go by itself in a couple of days if it looks particularly sore I put some calendular on it.
Aww poor little Kobi .........A few of my lot have had these spot's, which cleared up within a couple of days ........ :)
Thanks all :cheers: hes running round like a mad one tonight - and milking it to the hilt when I rub in the balm when hes lying on his tum .....' Oh mum thats just .. ah wonderful ...blissss :sweating: :huggles:
Aww hope Kobi's rash clears up as quickly as it came, sending :huggles:


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