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Dog teeth

Violet Turner

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I'm looking for some help and advice about dog teeth. Olive has perfectly straight teeth, but recently she has produced really bad breath and all of her teeth are covered in plaque and tartar. My local groomers do a ultrasound toothbrush but they charge £30 for it, the vets do teeth cleaning also and they charge £50 which to me is way past the line. I have tried toothbrushes and doggie toothpaste, Parsley in her food, mouthwash4dogs in her water and nothing seems to work. Is there an easer way of cleaning her teeth without pushing the money too far? I'm up for doing natural treatments at home. Olives teeth are now starting to crack at the gum-line. And she doesn't like to chew as it must really hurt. Any comments welcome and it will be greatly appreciated by Olive.
All the money youre spending on mouthwash parsley etc is most likely just as much as the 50 quid the vet wants.. take the plunge get her teeth sorted professionally and then embark on a strict maintenance program.
Have the plaque and tartar just developed, or have her teeth always been like this?

I'd want at least to have a vet check her for any underlying causes, particularly if she might be in pain - it might be that after one good vet clean (is this under sedation?) you'd be able to keep on top of it yourself by brushing etc., in which case £50 would be a small price to pay.

In the meantime, raw chicken wings are great for a dog's teeth.
@Mad Murphy I didn't think about it like that, but also Olive doent really like the noise of clippers so I don't think she would like the teeth drill. What can I do about this?
If her teeth are covered in tartar a toothbrush isn't going to shift it, it's gone too far. A scale and polish under GA would help but that is going to cost a lot more. That said, if she is uncomfortable then as her owner you have a responsibility for her health.

Chicken wings can shift plaque (which is the cloudless deposit before it becomes tartar) but won't help if she is too uncomfortable to chew.
@JudyN the tartar has just developed. No it wouldnt be under seditation and Olive hates the sound of clippers so this is a similar sound. I have a question about chicken legs: I let olive 'kiss' me so could this pass salmonella onto me and around the house?
Yes. But practising normal good hygiene as I hope you would anyway after handling raw meat (thoroughly washing your hands and stopping the kissing) helps avoid cross contamination.
@JoanneF so if I save up until next month then get her booked in will this be okay? Chicken wings sound like a good idea I will buy some if the shops are open. And I will stop kissing her. Thankyou
@JoanneF so if I save up until next month then get her booked in will this be okay?

Could you afford to get her teeth assessed now to see if she's in any discomfort? That should only cost a standard consultation charge. If she is in pain (remember, dogs can be great at hiding pain), then of course it'll need to be done sooner rather than later, but I believe dental treatment is covered by PetPlan, which you said you used. Failing that, if you really can't afford it, your vet may agree to deferred payment or payments by instalments.
Our Springer had awful breath for a while and her teeth aren’t great but she’s such a neurotic dog we couldn’t brush her teeth , she would fight us all the time, cost me £350 to have her sedated so the vet could get a seed out of her ear, she just wouldn’t keep still while he had the tweezers in her ear! Took her to the vets to have her teeth looked at, he said she needed some removed .....£700 and 8 +teeth later :eek: we picked her up and bad breath all gone! :D Hasn’t stopped her eating or chewing, even ate her dinner the same day as teeth were removed :rolleyes: she never let us know if she was in pain but glad we took her to the vets...hubbys wallet was a lot lighter :D
As mentioned by @JudyN and @JoanneF , raw chicken wings with skin and fat too. Use as part of daily rations, very nutritious, and excellent for keeping teeth clean and gums healthy.
Get your dogs teeth/mouth checked by a vet first.
@JudyN I have got her booked in for wednesday and they told me that they can clean some bad teeth then and after then do some later in the week. I can afford it but I was thinking that it would cost me like £150 but she said it will only cost £75 which is good and I'm happy to pay along as Olive is out of pain. @excuseme I'm going shopping tomorrow so I will buy some then and see if Olive likes them. @Mayblossom I have booked her in and they said the price could vary just in case they need to remove any teeth.

a proper dental under GA is by far the safest & most-thorough option - dental issues don't improve if they are put off, & at-home treatments for tartar aren't effective, plus gum issues can be very serious, & need a vet to examine & treat them.
Pyorrhea & gingivitis can affect whole-body health, particularly the heart. // Glad she's being seen! :)

BTW, U could combine her spay with the dental, so she only goes under anaesthesia once. :thumbsup:
Most vets will also give a small discount as they only use the one set of sedatives [induction plus GA] rather than 2 separate full doses.

- terry

The amount of tarter that needs dental work does not just build up in a short period, this must have been going on for a good while, you need to get them cleaned by the vet then you can continue a healthy oral routine, as suggested raw chicken wings and raw bones given daily ( as part of her daily intake ) will keep good oral,hygiene, I’m a little surprised a vet is going to do 2 general anesthetics within a couple of days of each for a simple oral hygiene procedure .
Maybe as it will be you paying the bill, you should ask the question why!
I always worry when I had to have one GA let alone two! Definitely not good for the dog, always a risk anyway :(
Can someone explain the raw chicken wings. I didn't think it was good to give dogs chicken bones.
Raw bones, including chicken bones are perfectly safe, it is the cooked ones that are dangerous for our pets.
There is a lot of good nutrition in raw bones.

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