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Dogs Sleeping In Bed

Is it Hygenic to Sleep with a Dog IN the bed

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I don't really care - my various dogs have always slept on or in the bed for 12 years and it hasn't done any of us any harm!!
~Helen~ said:
Not sure if your post is meant ironically, alba :blink:   :b
dogs walk barefoot all the time; do you wash your dogs' feet everytime

they come inside?

My children and I go barefoot as much as possible in the summer - I don't make them wash their feet every time they come inside.

dogs run around in the much and roll in rabbit droppings and dead birds

and they don't bathe as much as most of us humans do

I don't roll in rabbit droppings and dead birds, and neither does my whippet very often - and she might not actually "bath" in hot water and bubbles but she cleans herself very efficiently much more frequently than I do. If I stopped and washed myself as many times a day as she does, I'd never get anything done.

dogs carry fleas and the occasional tick, even though I'm sure most

K9ers do take preventative/curative measures

No fleas, no ticks, neither of us.

Aside from hygiene, letting the dogs in bed with you makes it harder to

travel with them. Some of your friends won't be happy to have your dog

jump on their settee though they will probably be favourable impressed

by the dog who knows to go lie on the mat. And what about when you stay

at that pet-friendly hotel or b&b?

My whippet knows when it's okay for her to be in my bed, and she accepts when it's time to be in her own. She's pretty easy going where ever we are, home or away, and I respect people who don't want my dog on their settee and go with their wishes... although I've yet to meet such a person, and I think being impressed by a dog being forced to lie on a mat might mean said person was not really someone I'd want as a friend.

Owners who sleep with their dogs are indulgent.

I indulge my dog... and so did those medieval folk who used the whippet as a foot-warmer. So what? My dog is disciplined, trained, and sometimes indulged, just like my children... and just like me!

It's a good job every body is different ;)

Kirawan was right about your immune system never being challenged. There's a huge study going on across Europe at the moment (ALSPAC/Children of the Nineties) and they'vefound that children who live in homes where a lot of detergents are used and there's an emphasis on cleanliness are a lot less healthy on those who are exposed to a variety of microbes. And weirdly, since we've had a whippet, my OH's lifelong asthma has almost gone :blink: He's convinced that introducing a whole new set of organisms has been beneficial.

There are too many rules in this world, and far too many people telling us what to do. If we want to have dogs in our beds, then let's just do it ;)

I totally agree with you! :thumbsup: I've had dogs sleeping in my bed by my choice for the last 18 years & I'm fit & have no allergies. :D
Who cares, imo theres nothin better than a spoonin with a whippy -_- -_-

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