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Foot problems

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Will he tolerate a T-shirt?

A really stretchy snug one will often help a stressed-out dog to relax, so they pace less, whine less, & may even be able to lie down.

Does he enjoy a stuffed Kong?
Busywork for chewing or licking is self-soothing, so an antler, cow-hoof, etc, are all good.
Poor fella, I hope he winds down soon. :(

@leashedForLife , he doesn't appreciate being dressed, and even more undressed! I once put a t shirt on him to cover a wound and he made such a fuss about having it removed I ended up cutting it off! He's not interested in food, and I've offered him his favourite fluffy snake to nibble. But I don't think anything can really help with the demons that are partying between his ears right now.

I even offered him a walk as a lot of his pacing seemed to be close to the front door. Funnily, as I put my shoes and coat on, picked up his lead, opened the door and asked him if he wanted a walk (just round the block, obv.), he went deadly silent and stopped whining! But he didn't shift, so I guess he didn't want to go.

He's still fighting the urge to sleep. Just now his head was dropping and he was struggling to hold it up, and he's finally lying flat out on his side. The gaps between the whines are getting longer...
Poor Jasper he's so sad at the moment :(
Lot's of hugs for you xx hope you feel better soon after a good sleep x
Thanks @Whippylove - I'm not ruling out the possibility that he might cry all night too! But he has finally quietened down and gone to sleep. Oh no, spoke too soon. His tummy has started rumbling and that's set him off again....:D
Oh poor Jasper - glad they didn't find anything serious. It's actually probably a good thing they use a different branch for the sedation/anaesthetic procedures so at least he doesn't get quite so wound up at the usual practice.
I.... NEED.... CHOCOLATE....

His appetite is returning. The leftover roast chicken cut up for treats I found in the freezer went down very well, even though pretty well frozen. He turned up his nose at his usual food though - raw chicken & tripe mince. And the free-range chicken fillets I found in the freezer and hastily defrosted in the microwave so I could cut them into bits. So I've now cut them all up and have bunged them in the oven, in the hope they will meet his approval.

I'm not sure now whether he's whining because he hasn't had his 'proper' tea or whether the demons in his head are coming down from a mushroom trip (it's no fun, believe me;)). He's probably not sure either.

He just went to the door into the conservatory, so thinking he might want to go out, I opened it, but he just stayed in the doorway. So I sat down again... and then he went into the conservatory, so I got up to let him out... at which he came back in here. I've been up and down all afternoon trying to pander to his needs, but neither of us know what those needs are!
Poor Jasper - I hope he’s feeling better this morning.
He whined a fair bit in the night, and asked to go out a couple of times - though I think he just wanted to bark at the monsters down the end of the garden. And he's whining this morning, but he only had a small breakfast. I might top him up in a bit.

What was interesting in the night was that normally I can get downstairs and let him out without turning the lights on, relying on what light there is from the moon/streetlights and feeling my way, but last night he seemed reluctant to move till I turned the lights on. I wonder if the drugs caused his pupils to contract so he couldn't see as well as he usually could.
It's been rough on the fella,hope he's over the worst of it now.
Makes me glad the vets can use mine as a dartboard .
All the best to you both for a happier day
Poor Jasper.. Hopefully once the nasty effects wear off he will realise he feels much better and as the ground isnt frozen yet walking shouldnt be too painful if you can stick to grassy areas.
Ah, peace, perfect peace :) The only downside is he's blocking access to the chocolate and I don't want to disturb him!

When he does whine, he's hoarse as he's done so much of it in the past 24 hours! I might give him a spoonful of honey later.
Phew, he's just about back to normal! His appetite has returned, but I've lost track of how much he's had to eat and I don't want to overload his system, so he's feeling underfed (no change there then). He hasn't wanted a walk, but we have had a little play in the garden.

I thought he was back to normal around lunchtime when he wandered in to see me, till I noticed his tongue hanging lifelessly out the side of his mouth:D
Having had a lurcher all you can say is they pay for their electrifying nature with hypersensitivity. I think this is one of the worst things about the dog/human contact. You have no way of telling them that you haven't broken your side of the bargain, you do still love them, it will get better. Fingers crossed.;)

Things I have learnt: (1) Rimadyl can help with the pain of corns, (2) Corns can cause symptoms of being uncomfortable when getting up and walking on carpet, and ease after a bit of walking, (3) X rays can be the most expensive part of a diagnostic work-up, but knowing that your nearly-9-year-old dog has excellent joints (and teeth) is priceless :)

Now to research 'How to prevent corns from recurring in a dog who won't wear socks.' And to work on sock desensitisation without time pressure.
Poor little (OK, not so little) man. Glad to hear he's OK and getting back to normal I didn't like that video you posted, he looked really upset :(
I didn't like that video you posted, he looked really upset :(

I know, it was horrible to see him in such a state :(

Unfortunately, I spoke too soon about his limp being cured, and am wondering if the pain meds were still having an effect when I posted on Wednesday. I can't quite work it out though - if anything, he's seemed worse when he gets up, even on the carpet, and when we head down the garden path, but better once he's into his stride. But at least I don't need to worry about something horrible going on in his joints, and can concentrate on his corn. Maybe the vet just didn't get enough of it out to make a big difference. One thing's for sure - he's going to have to get a lot worse before I put him through a sedative again.
If my lurchers have to have a sedative /anaesthetic our vets use a lighter one for sighthounds sighthounds havent as much fat as normal dogs they take much longer to recover from anaesthetic. ...
Sorry Jasper doesnt seem to be pain free ...corns are so difficult to get rid of ...
My vet does too, @Kara 1 But it doesn't help that he fights it all the way, so they can't go too light. At least, once he's taken a few steps, he is comfortable - happy to walk, run and and play. And I've finally discovered the trick of keeping Gorilla tape stuck to his corn - put it on in the evening, so it has all night to adhere firmly before he goes out and digs deep gouges in rough ground :)

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