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French bulldog Shelby

Hi everyone do any of you feed Ur fur babies on a raw diet Ive had so much nice advice from you about raw I'd just like to know which minced raw do you think is best a lady suggested minced raw lamb. Any advice would be great. Michelle
I feed mine natures menu ...
You could try the natures menu nuggets ...they come in all meats and fish and have veg in them to give a balanced diet to see if she likes it ...
I give the freeflow minces and add veg to it comes in beef ,lamb , chicken and tripe . Lamb and chicken ....available from most pet store or online
Ok thank you I'm going to buy a couple of packs of minced lamb to try her on slowly to see how she coped with it she's not keen on grain free biscuit. She's a fussy madam she loves her sardines though it's hard when I'm not sure yet till her blood results are bk to see what she's allergic to bit any advice is great. Thank you everyone x
I used Nurturing by Nature, and Natural Instinct complete mixes. I'd recommend both of them.
I can't recommend a brand as I made my own raw food, but I've been feeding this way since the 1980s and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. Lots of brands to choose from these days, all ready made and easy to store in the freezer.

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