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Garden poo bins


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Afternoon folks,
Just wondering what people think of those poo bins for the garden? The one you put liquid in to distroy the
I’m thinking of getting one but my garden isn’t big so wondered if they smell and if they work tbh! Whats your views?
I can’t say I’ve heard of those! Do you add liquid before or after? How is it supposed to work?

If Den poos in the garden I always bag it up and then take it to the poo bin at the end of the road.
I've seen mixed reviews for different sorts. I would think a lot would depend on how free-draining your soil is, how large your dog is, and what you feed him. My dog is raw fed and I find the poos are much smaller and less stinky than kibble-fed dogs, and it degrades very quickly in the garden if I don't get round to picking it up. So I have wondered if it's an option.

I'm not sure if it's more environmentally friendly than alternatives though, particularly as with some you'll have to keep buying the activators. I pick up poo in bread bags which I keep stuffed behind a bush and use a few times before putting it into the landfill bin - the bread bags aren't recyclable so they'd end up in landfill anyway.
I just have a dedicated patch by the hedge for Harri. The poo degrades really quickly into the soil and he doesn't produce very much either. Except when I fed him Chappie when he had a dodgy tummy on holiday. I swear he produced twice what he ate. It was quite a shock!
Hope you don't confuse the bags for brown bread @JudyN! :D:D:eek::eek: Back on topic though, I've not heard of these poo bag thingies either.

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