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It saddens me that people feel the need to go out and murder deers :mad:
It saddens me that people feel the need to go out and murder deers :mad:

As long as it's for food, it's a more humane way of getting meat than livestock farming, surely? And deer have no natural predators any more, so if left to their own devices can damage the habitat they live in.
Deer do tremendous damage to woodlands. If we want a variety of trees and wild flowers, we have to keep deer numbers down to reasonable levels. Environmentally friendly and ecologically sound. Also reduces incestuous matings, which otherwise affect long-term health of any species.
There are lot's of deer around where we live, we have a herd that use a field opposite ours where there are often as many as 50 Fallow deer.
Fortunately for us, or unfortunately for the deer, there will often be a dead deer lying at the roadside in our area. If these are fresh we will pick them up and use them for dog food.
There must also be many others that make it a little way from where they were hit and die, that are never seen again, only to become food for scavengers. (Foxes, Raven, Buzzards) and some stinky heads and bits that the occasional family dog finds:rolleyes:


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