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Heather Alstead Designs

Official Heather Alstead Designs 2018-03-08

Heather Alstead Design

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Heather Alstead Designs
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Heather Alstead Design submitted a new resource:

Heather Alstead Designs - Heather’s ethos is pretty simple; she designs to make people smile!

Heather Alstead Design is owned and run by Heather and her family (& labradors). All of the products in her extensive range are created by her and manufactured and assembled in Britain, then dispatched from her studio in North Yorkshire.

Heather’s ethos is pretty simple; she designs to make people smile! You will find a wide range of products from; greeting cards, gift wrap, notebooks, mugs, bookends and many more, there really is something for everyone; for both men and women young and...

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I ordered one of these mugs as a birthday present for Dennis's dog walker. It wasn't on the cheap side at £16.95 but I loved the personal touches and the design. There are lots of different breeds to chose from also.


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