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Thanks for letting me join your little community. I've got a 14 week rough collie puppy called Bobby. On the whole he's lovely natured just goes through devil mode on an evening if I say no he does it more! Currently having issues trying to get him walking on the lead, we've used collar and harness but it's a no go, very stubborn the brakes go on and he will not budge. I even tried getting him following a trail of treats so if anyone has any ideas would be really grateful. This is my 4th puppy and never had this issue before.
Is it at all possible the harness is rubbing and uncomfortable? Can you try a different style?

You could try walking backwards and luring him towards you? You could move on to sort of walking sideways and then forwards.

Also maybe use a ribbon on his harness around the house to get him used to the feel of something on it?
Took a while to get him used to a collar but we persevered and he's fine until we attach lead. We took him into pets at home and they fit harness. The harness doesn't seem to bother him until the lead is attached. He suddenly goes stiff sticks his chest out and does meerkat impression!
Does he put the brakes on when you try to leave the house with him, or when you get out of the car, or when? If you managed to get him a few yards from the house/car, would he refuse to walk in any direction, or would he be keen to head back home again? What about walking him on lead in the house?
He's fine without the lead anywhere. We live in a cul de sac and he's happy to visit the neighbours until the lead goes on,that's when the meerkat face appears, it's the same wherever we are.
My mum has two dogs I've tried taking him with them but get same issue.
He was same with collar but I put it on and just flatly refused to remove it he is extremely stubborn. I want to take him to puppy training after xmas but not sure we're gonna get there
I'm not an expert, but... if you can walk up the cul de sac with him offlead (are you sure that is safe, even if, say, a cat suddenly appeared?), then clip the lead on and wait him out. Take a good book, a flask of coffee, and a lot of patience. If you can do this in a boring place, such as on the pavement by a wall, and just up ahead there's a nice grassy verge just crying out to be sniffed, so much the better.

And then when he does move, praise and treat.

I'd also let him choose where he wants to go for now, till he gets the idea that walking with the lead on is not just possible, but rewarding (obviously not if he wants to wander into the middle of the road or a private garden). Walking where you want to go can come later.

JoanneF's suggestion of attaching a ribbon/house lead to his collar while in the house and letting him trail it around is a good one too. You could even do this with his proper lead if you can supervise so it doesn't get caught on anything.
Welcome to group @Paulak - is that lovely Bobby in your photo? would love to see him :)

I'm afraid I don't have any good experience with this but lots of help on here (as you can see already) so hopefully Bobby will be walking like a pro in no time!
Welcome to the forum! I see you've had some great replies, sometimes my dog does this too, but not as bad. I either wait it out if I can (not always practical, especially on his early morning walk when I need to get home to get ready for work!) or try and lure him with a high value treat. This sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. If he's focused on something like another dog or cat, nothing will break that focus. I'll admit to sometimes pulling him a bit to encourage him, especially if it's to get out of a situation that's likely to cause him stress. One thing we've found some success with when he goes into statue mode, is if my wife is with us and goes in front of him and talks in an encouraging voice, and I run a bit on the spot, he'll eventually start trotting along :D We started this recently as he seemed reluctant to go for walks in the evening following the fireworks. Anyway, I hope that help a bit, let us know how you get on.

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