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Hi all.
Just wanted to say hi and show you my little bundle of joy. Belle is a rescue pup of 14 weeks and the closest we can come to identify her is a Brazilian terrier.
Welcome to the forum @Bellesmom and from what I can see in your profile picture she looks very sweet but very cheeky! :D
Hi Josie.
She is a cheeky little girl. Very clingy to me as she had such a rough start. She was handed to a woman Christmas eve with her sister in a carrier bag by a homeless man. The vets took her in and she had a chest infection as well as being very underweight. She is ok now and her weight is slowly increasing but she is very nervous and only settles on my lap to sleep. Trying to wean her off sleeping on me as I miss my bed lol
Oh gosh the poor thing! Good job she's found herself a good family then :)

Good luck with that! My lab is a big boy and has no space boundaries what so ever! :D:D:D
Welcome to the forum. It's nice to see that you've given your new dog a loving home.

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