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Help with choosing a new Puppy

Discussion in 'Puppy Forum' started by RICHARD LOCKEY, Nov 28, 2018.


    RICHARD LOCKEY New Member Registered

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    I would like some advice on choosing a new puppy.
    I would like a dog that i can run with (hill running), and small to medium size. Good company I work as an Architect in an office by myself so well behaved and easy to train. But my partner is allergic to long haired dogs. She has a dog but it has a wool coat and she is fine with that. i was allergic to dogs when i was younger especially labradors.
    Does anyone have any ideas?
    I like Short haired German Pointers?
    Thank you
  2. Biker John

    Biker John Well-Known Member Registered

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    I can not comment on allergies but years ago we were friendly with an Olympic runner, he wished to have a dog to run with but his wife would not consider a large dog, (and her idea of large was quite small really). He liked the Shelties we had and we told him that once adult one would easily out run him in both speed and distance. He did get one, and yes once an adult it went on his training sessions which made the training better for him, and his wife fell for the dog as well. But they do have long hair, but one thing to consider is they tend to not loose hair except when they moult compared with say a GSP which normally shed hairs all the time.
  3. Kara 1

    Kara 1 Active Member Registered

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    German short haired pointers are lovely dogs but do shed hair alot ...what about a greyhound or whippet ....
  4. JudyN

    JudyN Well-Known Member Registered

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    Would a greyhound have the stamina to keep going if the OP does long distance? Richard, how long do you run for? It would certainly be a good match for going to work with you as they love nothing more than a VERY long sleep after walks! And though they're big, they can fold up into very small spaces;)

    Poodles are usually good for allergy sufferers - how about a standard poodle? They are rather bouncy though so 'well behaved' might take a while.

    Whatever breed you have, you won't be able to run long distances with it for at least a year, to protect its joints - maybe longer if it's a larger breed.
  5. Michele83

    Michele83 Active Member Registered

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    RE allergies - maybe someone else can verify this, but I *think* I'm right in saying allergies are unrelated to the length of the dog's hair. There are lots of dogs with long or curly-haired coats which are hypoallergenic and low-shedding (e.g. poodles, bichon frises etc) and therefore great for allergies, and then there are dogs with short hair e.g. short-haired german shepherds, which still shed a lot and trigger allergies.

    I don't have experience with many dogs so I'll just tell you about whippets (because that's what I have!) in the hope that it helps your decision. Whippets fit a few of your requirements quite well:

    1) Size: They are a really nice medium size and don't take up much room when they're standing around. They're not too small either.
    2) Fur: They have extremely easy coats to take care of; very short hair. They hardly shed at all, and what they do shed is very hard to see because the hairs are so short. I have allergies to cats and dogs too, but I have never had a reaction to my whippet.
    3) Temperament: Like all puppies, whippets are full of energy when they are young! But they are famous for then turning into couch potatoes as adults, sleeping most of the time and just wanting to be near you, so that sounds good for an office environment. I have been quite lucky - my whippet is only 8 months and already she is very calm in the house and doesn't really do anything, just sleeps next to me all the time. They can be trained very easily to do all the basic commands (mine learned sit, stay, lie down, leave, bed, spin, and high-five straight away), especially if you're getting a pup, but if you're looking for something to learn more complicated things perhaps they're not for you.
    4) Running: Yes, whippets are known for being sprinters more than marathon runners, however almost every whippet owner I've read about says that their adult whippets can go on longer hikes with no problem at all. Mine certainly seems to have a lot of stamina, but as she's still young I haven't be able to test it fully yet. Also - I find that my 'running' still definitely counts as 'walking' for her! I've done a few test-jogs and she doesn't need to even break into a canter to keep up with me so I doubt it's very strenuous for her :)

    Apologies for the long post!
  6. Caro Perry

    Caro Perry Well-Known Member Registered

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    Well Welsh terriers fit your size and running requirements. They have great stamina and can go on for miles. They also don't shed and are considered low for allergens with their wiry coats.

    Not sure they fit your well behaved and easy to train requirements though! Independent minded is putting it politely!

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