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New Home Needed Heres Asha


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Stunning bulldog cross Asha has been with us for a while now and we would dearly love to find her a furever home. She has some very specific needs though and maybe that’s why she hasn’t had the right home offer just yet.

This gorgeous girl has been through the mill in her short life and as such needs quite a specific furever home. She is an amazing character but needs a home with little ‘traffic’ where she won’t be forced to meet strangers and visitors and she can have her own space to retreat to if needs be. She would NOT be suitable as a dog who is visited by a dog walker or family member whilst you are out – she is not trusting of strangers and takes a long time to accept new people.

Children terrify her – clearly at some point in her past there have been some very negative associations with children and so she cannot live with anyone younger than 16 years of age – everyone in the home would need to understand the need to allow her to come to you on her terms, when she is ready – Asha is NOT a dog who likes to be cuddled, it frightens her to have such close, stifling contact but if you allow her the time, space and opportunity to make her own choices, she becomes a very loving dog – but under her own steam, her own terms.

Asha can’t help that somewhere in the past she’s been badly treated by a human and as such this has left her with a fear of strangers and sudden movement. This isn’t something she will get over but it is something that can be dealt with by allowing Asha a safe space to retreat to and putting her in a separate room when you have visitors call – not rocket science but sometimes in our busy lives we can get complacent, and that is NOT fair on Asha – so you would have to be committed to her well-being.

She’s a cracking little personality underneath her fear, comical in her behaviour when she feels safe enough to relax.

She runs loose with other dogs at kennels but she can be very possessive over toys, treats or balls so she needs to go to a home where she will be the only pet and can relax and feel safe.

So you see it is quite a specific home that she needs – someone who doesn’t see dogs as teddies needing cuddles, who can make sensible decisions for her and allow her her own space, can put her needs first and move her away when visitors call and will not ask too much of her in the early days, allowing her to make decisions for herself about you.

Can you offer our special girl the furever home she truly deserves? You’d have to be pretty special yourself!

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lovely dog! not suitable for me right now sorry ... :(
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