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Strictly no kennels! Holidays 4 Dogs provides the only real alternative to kennels, where walks and cuddles are guaranteed at no extra cost! Home dog boarding with us means, you will be invited to meet and greet your dog’s carer in their own home, to see exactly where they will be staying. Welcomed in as part of the family with no other guest dogs staying…

We offer a professional and reliable home boarding for dogs service local to you. All our carers are approved to a very high standard. We will assist you in choosing a local available carer to perfectly match your dog’s individual needs. Your dog’s carer will be a like-minded, experienced dog loving person to look after your dog just like you do. Compete peace of mind and a home from home 5* stay…

All our Holidays 4 Dogs approved carers are huge dog lovers, dedicated to caring for your dog in the best possible way. We are NOT a directory of un-audited individuals offering an unreliable service just by signing up online. Instead, every one of our dog carers has been visited in their own home by one of our experienced team. Only when they have passed at every level do they hold the privileged position of becoming an approved Holidays 4 Dogs carer…….

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