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Hook Norton Lure Coursing Pics


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We had a brilliant day with Hook Norton LCC on Sunday (thank you to all the organisers) but a combination of needing hubby's hands to hold dogs (we had three whippets running in the whippet lure coursing and the change overs came thick and fast) and a problem with the camera :( mean that we sadly have hardly any pictures. Below are a few of what we do have, with the brags first, to get them out of the way ;) Congratulations to everyone who left the field with a prize :D

Finn (Mallyfield Silver Knight at Spindletree) won the Whippet Coursing Champ title (a 16 dog stake in which Taran also got to the semi final so we were well chuffed)


Tyg (Blackvelvet Knight at Spindletree) and Taran (Quickslip Midnight at Spindletree) won the Sighthound Pairs class in the showing.


And Little Jim, Scruples rescue pup with the injured elbow who I'm currently fostering, won Best Rescue Sighthound :wub:


A few more of Jim

Jim in the ring




Meeting Jane


Meeting Dash, one of Scruples first rescues, who had also come along for the day and ran against Finn in the first heat of the coursing.

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A few more

Finn on his way to the start line for the whippet coursing


Don't know who she is but this cracking little parti won Sighthound bitch and went on to win the Sighthound champ class


The Sighthound puppy class


Jayne (Haycroft) with Lucy, one of Lola's pups (I've got a soft spot for this little lady as I helped to hand rear her in her first few days)


Jane with my favourite lurcher girly Caitlin



Sorry, that's all folks, but looking forward to seeing everyone elses pics :thumbsup:
It looks like a wonderful day was had by all.

I have a special soft spot for little Jim and I am so pleased that he won his class :thumbsup: :wub:

Lucy is looking lovely. I see her bro' Austin regularly. All Lola's pups are just superb.

Catlin looks just like my pretty Bella :D
These are gorgeous pictures, Annie. How do I find out about these shows?
They are often advertised on here Ali (this one was, although it was in Oxfordshire so a long day out), some will be in Countryman's Weekly, and I'll let you know next time we're off to one :thumbsup:
Lovely pics and a great day out. I'm the owner of the little parti colour bitch Paige who you have snapped in the ring! :) Our first show so I was delighted. She's a rescue dog too. Think we will try the racing at Bicester on the 17th as she quite enjoyed a 'fun run' at Hook Norton. Will no doubt be seeing you again at some of these events. Give little Jim a hug from us, he's adorable.

Only just found my way to this website - its really good isn't it.


Paige is so pretty (and petite) ... lovely pic. It was nice to meet you and I'm sure we'll bump into you again. Jim says thanks for the hug xxx
Now I wish I'd stayed for the showing too :( but i felt mean having taken my two without a coat!! I was pleased with Dash in the coursing given that he lost to the eventual winner :D Well done to all those gorgeous dogs and especially Jim who I would have kidnapped on the spot if i didn't have to answer to my husband.........
Hi. Does anyone know if there will be a similar event this year? It was great fun last time and I have two whippets now so would love to attend again. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
Hi. Does anyone know if there will be a similar event this year? It was great fun last time and I have two whippets now so would love to attend again. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
was thinking the same..someone else mention this aswell

yeah a great day

Bow ran her socks off and got runner up in the coursing and she also done the racing
Just spotted this query, we're not holding our charity event this year :( but we are looking at new venues for next year. :thumbsup: We are hoping to have a day of coursing, racing & field events for lurchers, whippets, terriers & any breed of dog. Will post details once we have a definite venue & date. Again it will be in aid of charity :))

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