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hows the saluki X whippet like for working

any have an opinion on the saluki cross whippet as i would'nt mind tring this cross.
i have a saluki whippet the cleverest lurcher ive seen something else along the bush line top ferreting dog as hard as any bull cross will hit anything in her path top dogs i run her in short grassed small fields and she runs spot on
like the other guys say "pic please" :) Well i never tried the cross but instead tried mixing working whippet blood lines with racing whippet bloodlines with limited results! :(

Im glad to say my spelling has improved after 6 years lol
we have a saluki x grey (i think as hes rescued) and a saluki whippetx whippet collie (again a rescue but no where she came from athough was told no saluki in her but defo got saluki in her lol) cracking pup 7 months now, hunts up really good and love bushing and ferreting, the saluki grey is great but both can be headstrong, the saluki whippy collie whippy pup is like a mini saluki but chunkier, she is very pretty and altho both dogs are thin skinned and look like they would snap they both have stamina and speed. The older of the two is bloody fast too and can course really well when on the tail of a rabbit. To see pics of the whippy pup look under the rehoming section (i got her off here) and look for special little girl needs home or something like that and she is there maisie is her name, and she is cute as hell but bloody headstrong, both try hard to please but sometimes will hunt up for too long when your out for a mooch :( good luck and do it its a brilliant cross but is hard work cos they are bloody minded and can switch off cos of the saluki but look nice and work hard for you
I have to disagree with those of you who are knocking the whippet x saluki.There was quite a few of these bred over here in ireland.But more so,the wippet x grehound,Put back to the Saluki.Quite a few of these,were bred as match dogs.As their speed,stamina and strike.Was far supperior,to that of the saluki x greyhound.I bred a litter of these once.From a very strong whippet x greyhound bitch,Who stood,just under 23 inches,and weighed 53lb.She was mated to a full saluki dog,and the pups were not only in big demand.But almost a year later.I was asked to breed another 2 litters,as the pups turned out to be something else,on a hair.One of them.A small bitch of 23 inches.Was knocking spots of some of the best coursing dogs in ireland,and some that were real good fen dogs.She slaugtered hare's in Ardee,and actualy died.With a hare in her mouth.After coursing 9 hairs,in one morning.The one she had in her mouth.Was the 7th out of 9,that she caught,that morning.I must say here.That greed,and stupididty killed her.As im not into overkill,or overwork.But that what money does to many folk.Ive also let a few of my whippet x greyhound dogs,mate full saluki bithches.By the way,i didnt breed the 2 litter's i was asked to.Recently,i became the owner of a pup,from one of my Whippet x greyhound bitches,that i had.To a saluki x greyhound,Whippetxgreyhound.The saluki x greyhound Whippet x greyhound.Was bred from a litter sister.To the wee bitch that died with the hare in her mouth.It was a real pleasant surprise to me.When i first found out the exact breeding of the pup.So as the old saying goes.What goes round,comes round,and im back to having something from my old line's back in my yard.Realy looking forward to both working,and racing this wee bitch.

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