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Hunting Rabbits

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Max&Smokey said:
Dont worry , Whippets are very soft but will chase anything that moves. Mine in the past liked to chase rabbits, squirrels , cats and foxes. They did this without any training its instinct. Obviously some dogs are keener than others but if you walk your whippet off the lead when rabbits are out and about dont be surprised if they catch one, once they catch one thats it you will see a change in their body language when walking in the country.  Rabbits are not stupid though if your walking later in the day or are nosy it may be harder to catch one than you think. Whether your whippet catches a rabbit will depend on when and where you walk them and obviously if they are on a lead unless your really fast at running as well they will have no chance!
i see... i suppose what you are saying is that because it is instinct to chase for them .....given the chance to catch and kill they will and then after they have done it once they are going to be more keen the next time....and so on....yes i see how that works....i suppose one of mine is only 5 months and therefore not been off the lead much really yet and the other is nearly 6yrs but ive only had him a few weeks and he has only been off the lead for a couple of weeks too im sure i will find all this out soon enough! :p ....still couldnt break a rabbits neck though !even though im sure it would be kinder dealt with and put out of its misery as fast as possible....... i think i would just cry and take it to the vets! :b
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