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Hypoallergenic Diet


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Can anyone recommend a reasonably good priced hypoallergenic food?

Dens currently on Hills z/d but at £78 every 12 days (that’s with 15% discount) it’s bankrupting us!

The vet has told us that dogs with IBD struggle to digest proteins.

If we can’t find anything else then we’ll have to manage but it’s so expensive!
Thanks @JoanneF - I’ll take a look now!

I guess Hills may not be on their because it’s vet prescribed
I just had an email...Lily's kitchen give 20% discount until 12th in this month for their foods with code 'MARCH' and they do hypoallergenic food. Maybe it could be some use for you?;)
Iv recently put my puppy on James wellbeloved hypoallergenic food in the hope it helps him.i reaserched lots of different feeds and chose this one.
I second Lilly's Kitchen that's what my girl is on and there's been a noticeable improvement on her skin since the change :)
Hi Josie, I did A LOT of searching and trying before settling on Fish 4 Dogs, we tried jameswellbeloved and scrumbles wet food but the gluten-free recipe of fish 4 dogs really worked well with lily plus its not too bad price wise and its packed with omega 3 and loads of vitamins and minerals that helps with digestion and energy as well as produce healthy coats and skin. Check out Fish 4 Dogs – Jurassic Bark Pet Supplies
Hi Josie,
Hypoallergenic in a veterinary diet tends to mean something different to hypoallergenic pet foods, which does complicate matters a little! In a veterinary hypoallergenic diet the proteins have essentially been broken down into their constituent parts so that the source of the protein is not identifiable by the dog's immune system - to avoid sensitivities. Whereas pet foods tend to use the term hypoallergenic to mean that the recipe excludes ingredients which more commonly cause sensitivity - like dairy, soya, wheat, etc.
Just something to be mindful of dependent on the type of hypoallergenic you need for your pooch! :)

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