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Iida the terrier's maternity diary

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Thank you for that lovely update. You have done such a super job!
Nope...not done is more appropriate to end this saga with sunny photos of the youngsters with their mum.
DSC_0307 (2).JPG

DSC_0312 (2).JPG
Thank you for that lovely update. You have done such a super job!
I didn't do it all on my own....WE had plenty of useful help with info and ideas from you lot in this forum. Having that bit of boost for one's confidence does make a big difference ;) So thank you for you all for that.
Thank you so much from me personally and dogforumuk @Finsky for sharing your journey with us! It’s been wonderful to see the pups grow and find their characters.

What great advice and knowledge for other potential breeders! Ups AND downs of dog ownership.
Ups AND downs of dog ownership.
HA! Yes, there will be plenty of that, I'm sure. And this is not 'the end', only for this thread. I'm sure we have plenty of terrier stuff to follow on another warned!! :D:D
Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures too, they've always made me smile seeing such a happy bunch of hounds:)

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