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Jack The Lad X Nikki Whizz Babies Pics

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the ones in the box were taken on wed when they were 4 weeks old the ones in the cgae were taken last week so they have grew a lot since then

Enjoyed watching that Carole :thumbsup: :wub: When our Norman heard them he started barking :lol:

Have you had any interest in the 2 red dogs yet?
:thumbsup: great job done there well done to you there a credit to you.
Jesus Carole, for a minute there I thought you were throwing one of the pups back into the whelping box after giving it its feed (w00t) :sweating: :lol:
well mink knows her name now and i have had a few waggy tails 2day :thumbsup:
ok some updated pup pics and approx weights as we had to do it on the bathroom scales.

1st pic is ben hes still looking 4 a home:

just some random pics from the last few days of them all:

this next lot have just been taken today sun 28/11/2010 with approx weights @ 4 and half weeks old. 1st pic is T.C weighs approx 6lb

pic 6 is ben whose still looking 4 a home approx 6lb:

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