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Jasper's diary

Discussion in 'Dog Diaries' started by JudyN, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. JudyN

    JudyN Moderator Moderator Registered

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    Poor old Jasper has had a stressful weekend. My mum came to stay, and DS2 and family came over both days so she could meet her great granddaughter. So all J's most loved ones, plus the small-but-juicy smelly noisy thing who seemed to get all the attention. But nobody would settle down quietly all in the right places, like they ought to, and he wasn't allowed to check out the little one, how was a dog meant to relax? :eek:

    And of course he didn't know what was going on this morning while my mum was getting ready to go home - it can take her half an hour to get ready for a short dog walk by the time she's worked out what shoes to wear, if she will need a cardi and/or coat, has she got her false tooth and hearing aids in, whether she should take a drink... Once she'd finally left, and he realised we weren't all going for a walk together, it took me some time to settle him down - he needed a short walk, and a mooch in the garden, and persuading to move beds so he could be in with me rather than crying in the front room (I needed to get to work, and I can't work in the front room). But we got there in the end... I'm enjoying the peace and quiet too!

    Gratuitous cute photo:

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  2. Tinytom

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    So cute ...
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