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Jessica Is Poorly


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:( Jessica woke my sister up at 4am (as Jessi was in her room for the night), the poor little thing was crying. Thinking maybe she wanted to go for a wee (being 9mths old she sometimes gets "caught short") my sister sat up and just in time because the next second Jessi was puking all over the pillow and headboard :( .

She's already done some runs on the bedroom carpet and before she could get downstairs she had another accident. Poor girl :huggles: .

Since then we have been giving her only water just incase something has upset her tummy but she struggles to keep the water down long before that comes up to (last time it was all over Blaze's back much to her amusement :b ).

After several (thousand) more trips out of doors Jessi is now fast asleep on the chair. I hope to keep topping her up with water and electrolytes - even if she keeps sicking some of it up at least there will be some fluids getting into her system. I thought about giving her some dried toast later on but I am inclined to change my mind as she is not looking too perky at all.

:( Poor little puppy - hope she gets well soon. :thumbsup: Do keep us informed wont you. Its very worrying when they wont eat - but they do bounce back very quickly too. :luck: :luck:
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poor jessica hope she feels better soon :huggles:
Awww get well soon Jessica :huggles: :luck: :luck: , as long as you keep giving the water even if she brings it back,she 'll be fine I'm sure :thumbsup:
Poor wee lass :(

My Robbie and Tam have been ill :( ,,Robbie has kennel cough and has been sick too. He is now not being sick, but still coughs a bit. He is on tablets and eating again. Tam was off his food and started being sick on Saturday,,he was a little sick on the Monday and is now back to normal. The vet said he had the same tummy bug as Robbie :( Ricky up to now has been fine :)

Just keep the fluids going in her and maybe a trip to the vets if she does not improve soon. Hope she is better asap :thumbsup:

Im not picking my pup up this weekend due to the dogs being ill :( Danny is keeping him for another week or 2 :thumbsup: Ta Danny :cheers:
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If pup doesn't improve soon i would get to the vets as they can go down hill as quickly as they can bounce back ( but I am sure you know this and it looks like your in contol of the situation) :) good luck lots of :huggles:
Hope your pup recovers soon.On Sat evening my 5 month old lurcher pup started vomiting & she had the runs really badly, this carried on all day Sunday & Monday. She still wanted food so was on chicken and scrambled egg only. Yesterday it wasn't much better so we went to the vets. Tonight she is doing wall of death around the room, :teehee: 100% better. She had some paste called Diarsanyl to help the gut recover & to dry everything up & some lectade to rehydrate her.

It's scary how much weight she seemed to lose in just a couple of days, she looked like skin & bone. Hope your baby recovers as well. :wub:
Jessica would like me to let you all know that she is feeling much better today thankyou.

She has had a "fight" with Blaze, ripped all the stuffing out of a teddybear and then out of the plstic bag before I could get it into the bin ( :rant: ) :huggles: .

She's eaten her dinner, had a big drink and hasn't lost an ounce of weight :thumbsup: .

She will pose for a picture for you all later on 8) .
I'm glad Jessica is feeling better and I can sympathise totally cos I felt really grim yesterday with the same problem (not on the carpet or bed luckily though!!). I haven't dared eat anything yet though, been living on cups of tea for the last 2 days!

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