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Oh my heavens what a beautiful dog. If I had a choice he is exactly what I would have chosen.
Maybe if I had been left to my own choice I would never have owned a dog, who knows, but I have been chosen to rescue Biddy so my goal is to ensure that she has a good life.
He is so beautiful though I think he is stunning
Kipper is stunning! And @JudyN you successfully made me well up then...
That's a wonderful shot - you've really caught the moment!
What a superb picture. Don't be overcritical of your photography as to me it adds to the impression of speed.
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I need to get a better phone camera (or a proper camera!) to keep up with him. Mostly just a blur
Can you try a ‘burst’ shot by keeping your finger on the button? Can shutter speeds be increased on ‘phones? I’m asking out of ignorance - I’m still trying to find the coin slot on my iPhone.
The photo doesn't appear to suffer from motion blur, so I'm not sure speed is the problem. Did you crop the image, and/or was it quite dark at the time?

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