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Kongs - What to fill with?


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Does anyone use the rubber Kongs that you can stuff with goodies to give hours of entertainment for your dog? I have just brought a puppy kong for our impending new arrival and was unable to purchase the kong paste that can be used inside them - Pets at Home had never heard of the paste and I just wondered what else I could put inside that would be suitable for a young pup 7/8 weeks. I notice that many of the puppy treats are only for four months and over - nothing around for younger pups - any ideas on chews/teats or stuffing things?!
We used to put mashed up dog food in ours till she chewed it to bits. (w00t)
I use lots of different things - I sometimes stuff a tasty biscuit in there, or smear something squishy round the inside (cream cheese, peanut butter, pate, a touch of marmite, jam, cranberry jelly, dripping from the sunday joint... you name it I've tried it and the dogs love most things!)

Then there is the blitzed yoghurt and tuna mix which you stuff into the kong and freeze.

I think if you go to the official kong website they have lots of ideas and recipes!

The only failure I've had is banana :unsure:

Let us know if you find any really good combinations and I can add this thread to FAQ :thumbsup:
WOW - some good suggestions there Helen! Will give them a try and also try some others any new ones to try.
I havnt got a kong - but Oscar and Kobi love the hollowed out bones - I buy the cheap packs of Pate and put this inside when I go out - to try and keep them occupied for a while :- " - works a treat - and they love it. :thumbsup:
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My daughter stuffs their dogs kong with mashed banana and Chocolate spread and the dogs love it.

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