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Ligament damage


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So, today T saw a cat, started to run then screamed in pain. We have been to the vet, ligament damage in his knee. On painkillers, anti-inflammatories and strict rest for at least 10 days. Oh, and we are in Spain, which means I’m not quite as confident in my understanding of what the vet told us.

His knee twisted and has damaged, but not torn the ligament.

If anyone is good at reading x-rays, please feel free to jump in. Right knee, shown on the left of this photo.

I can't help at all with the X ray, but just want to wish him a swift recovery. I suppose that means you're going to be on enforced rest too for a while? Wine will help...
Thank you. I feel awful, if I could take his pain, I'd have it ten fold.

My immediate concern is that he hasn't figured out how to do a poo on three legs. If anyone has words of wisdom that don't involve holding him up with a towel or something (because that would put him off even more) I'm all ears :(
I can't help Xrays neither....but if it is case of slight 'rupture' or over stretched ligament...then I suspect it will get some what better over next 10 days but he is quite likely going to need extended course of anti-inflammatories. That is what our Eva did to her knee. Hardest thing was that as the pain started calm down, she wanted to start move 'as normal' jumping up and down and using stairs etc. and she wasn't supposed to do any of the drastic movements and loading the joint with pressure etc. ....just some gentle movements as things started to improve :rolleyes: Eva was on anti-inflammatories/painkillers almost a month but on reduced dozes when she started to improve and didn't need them quite as much anymore...just enough to maintain her comfort level.
Thanks - the vet did say the same, the painkillers will mask the pain enough for him to do more than he ought to, and we will need take sure he stays quiet.
Poor Timber! Can't read an xray either but wishing him a steady recovery, I didn't want to say speedy as that is one thing he definitely shouldn't be doing! He will work out how to do his business I'm sure, animals are pretty good at adapting and coping. The resting bit is the hardest but most crucial, together with the meds hopefully he'll be comfortable and it'll be all good in no time. Good luck!
Is it just me who really wants to know if he's managed to do a poo?:oops:
I'm afraid he hasn't yet @JudyN.

I gave him some milk at lunchtime, and half an hour ago I gave him his once a day painkiller and a sardine in sunflower oil. I'm hoping the effects of the two will coincide and persuade him.

But knowing my luck, I'll have over-compensated and I'll be up 20 times tonight.
Oh the poor lad. Fingers crossed....
Poor Timber! I hope things have eased over the last couple of days - both injury and poo related - and I hope he totally recovers going forward.
Thanks all. He seems a bit better today - he has finally figured out that when he pees, he needs to stand on his good leg. o_O

He had another poo, and actually took an interest in finding the exactly right place, whereas yesterday he just stood and looked at me when I put him on the ground (he is being carried wherever possible). If I could find somewhere here (France) that sells dog pushchairs we could actually enjoy the rest of our trip. As it stands we can't go anywhere or do anything.
Does it need to be a dog pushchair or would a human pushchair work? I often see small dogs in baby buggies round here.

Jasper often goes to cock a leg and then decide to do a girly wee instead. Though he does seem to have a thing about doing a poo halfway up a steep slope which can make it tricky when he's none to steady.
I think a baby one would do. If I see any baby shops, I'll look at what they have. A dog one would likely be smaller though.
Sounds as though he is improving on both respects :) I hope you can a suitable mobility device.
For what it’s worth one of our previous whippets tore a plantar (ligamentum plantare longum) in a hind leg during a sprint. Following a replacement with metal wire she made a great recovery and, as everyone seems to be saying, you’ll just have to convince your boy of the joys of being a couch potato for a while - something to which our whippet took with no problem. All I can offer is that my fears were groundless as she made an amazing recovery as I’m sure will your chap. Beyond that I can help with any translation from Spanish. Hope he’s not in too much discomfort.
Thanks, @RGC, my Spanish is from school but their English was pretty good. As far as I can tell, the ligament is damaged but not ruptured. So I'm strictly enforcing rest (we have spent the best part of 2 days travelling, that has helped).
Do you do massage? Avoid the damaged area obviously (that's a job for a professional) but massage of back and neck and shoulders is nearly as good as a run in terms of exercise.

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