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Ligament damage

Timber is out of surgery, the vet called and said it went well and looks fine. He also had a bucket handle meniscus tear and that's been repaired too. So we are waiting to hear if he will be kept overnight (on the stronger medication) or discharged because the environment is causing more stress. It will be whatever is better for his well-being.
Just had another call, he is to stay in overnight. He isn’t bearing weight on the leg yet (whaaaaat? they expected that???) but he is settled (or perhaps just well drugged ;)

I checked yesterday, the unit is staffed overnight and they offered to call with an update later but I said there’s no need if there is nothing to report, I don’t need them to be taking time to call me to say everything is the same. I’d rather they did what is more important and keep an eye on the patients.
Really glad the op went well, and one advantage of him staying in is he'll be monitored, kept relatively still and as comfortable as possible. Enjoy your quiet, hopefully restful, eve before the patient returns tomorrow!! Thinking of you all:)
Great news.

Surprised as you to think they expected him to load-bear on the injured leg. Hope he's home soon.
Great news.

Surprised as you to think they expected him to load-bear on the injured leg. Hope he's home soon.
Thank you. We are on our way to get him.

The vet said when she called that he has been putting it down and that is good.
Timber is home.

In the car on the way home, he couldn't find a comfortable position at first so it must be quite sore. The nurse said he wasn't actually putting weight on it, but rather just touching it to the floor for balance.

He seems really tired, very different from the last anaesthetic. I suspect he didn't get much sleep last night, even although they said he had had a good night. So he is in his bed, in his crate, dozing. I think he has a sore throat too, he tried a bark earlier and it was quite hoarse.

I had hoped to get him out in the buggy this afternoon but obviously I'm going to leave it now until tomorrow, he just wants to lie quietly.
If you're lucky, that'll continue for the next 6 weeks :D
I just said to Mr F that we should make the most of this, it’s when he starts feeling better that we will be in trouble.
I always think that's the hardest thing ever, when an animal should be taking it easy, longer than they obviously feel is necessary, that they feel well enough in the moment to get the zoomies or something!!:eek::eek:
Really glad to hear he's home:)
How's Timber doing, Joanne?
How's Timber doing, Joanne?

Much better today thanks. On Wednesday and Thursday he was quite subdued, no appetite, quite flat. But we just let him be, yesterday he was a bit better and today a lot better. He is eating and drinking, and toileting.

He still isn't putting his foot on the floor properly, he will touch it down for balance but that's all.

His inflatable neck ring wasn't stopping him from getting to his leg to lick so I bought a soft cone and that's much better. We went out in the buggy today, with him wrapped up in his cosy red blanket, and he was quite enthusiastic so I'm pleased. We should have been at the vet yesterday but we were in the red weather warning zone so I called and said there was no redness, heat or cause for concern so we agreed to cancel - he has an appointment on Wednesday anyway.

He sounds a bit wheezy though, I think his throat may be a bit sore from the intubation.
How's it all going with Timber? Hope his recovery is going well and it's not too stressful for all parties!
Thanks @Flobo, it is getting a bit more stressful as he wants to do more. I bought him a soft cone, and thought it would be easier. But he managed to get himself leaning against a piece of furniture the other day, which gave him more of a twist so he was able to get to his dressing and had it half off in the blink of an eye! So he is back to the plastic cone I'm afraid.

I'm hoping he will have his stitches out on Wednesday. And hopefully I'll be able to put something soothing on the site and it will be less annoying for him.

Mr F is NOT helping with ”just leave him, he won't bother his wound” - er, no: look - look at him at it right now !!!
It's amazing how quick and crafty they can be to get to a wound eh!!! :eek: Fingers crossed the stitches come out soon and the cone can come off.
He is doing ok thank you. He had his stitches out yesterday - it should have been Wednesday but there was no nurse available and as you can imagine, one person can't do it alone with an uncooperative wriggly terrier. He hasn't been bothering the scar site too much, so soft collar privileges have been restored.

Still another 10 days or so before he is allowed to walk and then we also hope to get him started on hydrotherapy. He has lost muscle mass (even though I have been massaging his shoulders thanks to the great tip from @Hemlock) but hopefully will build up once we start him exercising gently.

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