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Little Lucy On The Lure


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myself and friend went to sues ward venture racing at Taunton at the weekend,great views,as we were watching the polo ponies get ready for their match

we gave Lucy a little run approx 50 yds hand slipped by mel

was so pleased with her,had trouble getting her off the lure at the end..

shattered afterwards..been a long weekend


taking it all in


pretty girl

she is so beautiful :wub:

no pics of her running?
Hello she is lovely how old is she? Was also admiring her whippet collar looks really smart and good quality. If you don't mind me asking where did you get it?

Oh the lovely Lucy :wub: Austin is happy to watch the lure and 'grab it' on its way back. Although at 7 months, he's faster than the rest of mine when they are all playing chase.
what a very clever little girl!!

sending lots of love xx
Lucy's looking very well Jayne. Be nice to see her at Newbury soon. :thumbsup:

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