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Loss of my dog

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Was very hard yesterday having the Sunday roast as he loved his Sunday dinner. So many reminders everywhere.
Aww yes..and not only everywhere but everyday. You get through it...maybe you have to go through one reminder at the time before it eases out. Strenght..
My friend came round for coffee yesterday and she sadly lost her German Shepherd last week....we were both blubbing off and on all morning but we eventually managed to talk about our lost girls with a smile , very tough but she said she felt so much better when she went home, you will get there I promise xx
Not being a spiritual sort, I didn't bring Monty's body or ashes home, but having saved money by going for the cheaper option, I then made a donation (rounded up) to Cats Protection - it's good to know that other cats will benefit from his absence. I don't know if that could help others who are mourning?
I’m the same Judy, I’ve never brought any of my pets ashes home as I think I would find that harder to deal with..I like the idea of donating to a good cause.

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