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Lure Coursing At Hereford

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£500 (w00t) are they laying on a buffet with free bar :eek:
Ha Ha , I nearly fell over when they quoted £500, I thought OMG, etc etc.

I will return a phone call to see if the price can be lowered.

This evening I recced a few venues, one field is on the flood plains of the river Wye, its about 600m sq, very flat which ain,t perfect but I,ve yet to approach the farmer.

Its always been abit of a dream of mine to have regular whippet lure coursing/racing in Herefordshire, now I,m settled in Hereford I,ll be after the dream to become reality.Fingers crossed and all that.

Yep £500 was/is a right choker, they are putting profit before reality I,m afraid.

I won,t give up on this one,

it's a shame they didn't see it as an advertisment oppertunity (ie: helping a minority sport).

Maybe they could have it on in a quiet area at a future race meeting as a side show? there again if people are stood watching lure coursing (as i'm sure they would be) then they wouldnt be spending money at the bookies ect.
Hope something more reasonable comes up soon.

Afraid at 350 miles (around that) from here to Hereford I cannot come along to support the venture when a venue is found - however would be happy to give financial donation to rosettes or whatever :thumbsup:
Ok mike are you having any luck with the land what about a country estate or that type of venue? :luck:
Pennymeadow Whippets said:
Ok mike are you having any luck with the land what about a country estate or that type of venue? :luck:
Great idea. I don't have a coursing dog at present as Mr whippet has retired

but would love to come along and give my support. Good hunting. Jo
Hi All

Is the lure coursing still happening at all? If so, where, when and what time etc?

We have two lurchers who I think may enjoy this.


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