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Lure Coursing At Malton North Yorks 21/08/10

Winston Smith

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The UKWWC in conjunction with the NOESWC is looking at the possibility of running lure coursing event for both whippets and lurchers at the venue we used earlier this year at Malton in North Yorks . If the demand is there we will run this event with a 16 dog whippet stake , 8 dog whippet stake and an 8 dog lurcher stake.

Entries will be £10 per dog paid strictly in advance . The landowner requires a payment of £3 per car to cover the cost of hiring toilet facilities etc in addition to the entry fee

If there is enough support for this event then we will go ahead. Let us know asap
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I'd love to bring my pack up again as the last event here was ace, but we already have a full weekend of lure coursing and showing down here in Devon on 21st and 22nd August :(

So sorry.
Sorry, would have loved to but we'll have just collected our new pup :))
We maybe able to attend this meet but will know for definate in the next few days.

Can someone please tell me what NOESWC stands for ? (im sure im not the only one wondering) and could someone tell me who the judge/slipper will be?

North of England Sporting Whippet Club? Just a guess :))
It`s looking doubtful whether we can run this event. We only probably have enough dogs to run an 8 dog stake , without more it isn`t going to be worthwhile
sorry a tad too far me otherwise we would of

im sure some will enter near the date

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