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Lure Coursing/gathering

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Cheers Matt , just got in mate, it was a great day despite the weather with some great runs. We`ll sort out something for the new year , we`ve got a couple of ideas :thumbsup:

Just a quick result post

16 dog stake - winner Williamswick Cavalier Runner up Starvass Moonlighting

8 Dog stake Winner Winterfell Sprite - Runner up Firstrike Triton

Purse - Winterfell Lady Grey Runner up High Jinx

Lurchers - Winner Sal Runner up Ellie

more details later, I am knackered now !!
A few pics from today'there shit but its the best i could do :teehee:

Great to meet some old pals and meet a few new faces from k9 and other boards and have a good ol gossip :teehee: :teehee: :teehee:
a few pics of the lure coursing today not the best in the world,

feel free to add any of your own thanks












Well done to all the winners
sparky said:
A few pics from today'there shit but its the best i could do :teehee: Great to meet some old pals and meet a few new faces from k9 and other boards and have a good ol gossip :teehee:   :teehee:   :teehee:

Damn wrong pic, thats captain peacock :oops:

here you go..
the 8 dog stake finalists
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Archie and cleo waiting to go, cleo beat him in fine style :thumbsup:
Although the weather was realy bad it was great to see you all supporting this event there were some top class courses with dogs very well matched well done to all who entered & well done to all the winners a big thank you to all the team who helped run the event without who these events could not go ahead. :cheers:
Well done everyone. A good turn out judging from the pics. The surface didn't look too great but with this weather and the time of year I think you did well to run it. Good pics as well in the circs. :thumbsup:
hope no dog was hurt chasing that bag about, its too wet around me to get on the land to chase a real hare .

another night of it and the roads will be flooded, no earth finding me tomorrow :angry:
thanks for another event :cheers:

very pleased with Lily (Winterfell Lady Grey) winning the 16 dog stake purse.

and also my lovely Faith (Winterfell Sprite) who won the 8 dog stake, even tho she knocked my Maggie May (Eugenie Princess) out in the semi's!

BIG well done to Ozzy (Bruntswick Cavalier) who didnt put a foot wrong all day, he ran very very well for you Russ and impressed many. :thumbsup: a very well deserved win. :huggles:

well done also to Boots (starvass moonlighting), Jinx (High Jinx) and Firstrike Triton :thumbsup:

Darren, Sally ran her heart out. she was breath taking to watch. :thumbsup:

Great judging, some very exciting and close runs!
The ground looked fine to me ....My lot run flat out on much, much worse daily and they are fine .. :D ....Looked like a great day and Rae and myself will join you all shortly with our boys :thumbsup:

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