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Meet the baby who (and whose tail!) does not know how to give up on life

Discussion in 'General Dog Forum' started by Street dog shelter, Oct 24, 2018.

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    Whiskey was run over by a tractor on 14th October and has been fighting for her life since. Her bladder has been ruptured and there is water retention around his kidneys. As you can imagine, her treatment is quite expensive.


    As per Dr Santosh from Dr Rana's clinic, Its the rarest case and If she survives then It would be a miracle. When Dr said chances are very less before surgery, we wanted to take chance. She had to go through surgery twice and one more final surgery ll be done in 2 weeks. Her Urethral was ruptured, Dr put a catheter and we are waiting the tube to be healed on its own. If its healed then she ll survive, Dr still not sure about it. our Intuition and her strong will power say that she ll survive.


    we need your support, financially and also your blessings and prayers. between Surgery cost and medical bills,we are running short of funds. X-rays, ultrasounds, surgery as well as post-surgery treatment, around Rs. 400000 is expected to be spent. Any amount that you will contribute will help in saving Whisky’s life.

    She refuses to give up.we need you not to give up on her either

    In order to face whiskey's medical expenses and to cover surgery costs we have created a Donor box in Whiskey's name Every contribution to this box will be used to save whiskey's life and will
    every 10$ can extend a day in wishkey's life please visit Whiskey's donor box and add your contribution.

    Click to read more and add your contribution to wishkey's donor box_-Meet the baby who (and whose tail!) does not know how to give up on life | street dog shelter (Powered by DonorBox)

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