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Mel And Kim

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I'm just seeing this thread. They grew up fast! They look great! :thumbsup:
Thanks all! :))

Been running around with labradors, setters, a tiny Jack Russell and numerous other doggies :D

Kim sometimes lunges on the lead if a small dog hurtles after a ball, but instantly stops, drops her ears and looks at me now. Mel just looks on. So nearly 100% now.

This is two tired dogs watching a pair of small fluffy terriers and then coming back to me when called :thumbsup:

It wasn't me! I didn't do it!


A little more normal.


Blameless! ;)

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I have been looking back through all the photos. Gorgeous dogs :D
Not blameless this time! Stolen Noodles! :rant:


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Pwawn Cwackers.

Mel likes prawn crackers. Kim likes prawn crackers. I was giving them left-overs one at a time, each dog taking a cracker and taking a few paces to deal with it and then coming back for another. I was watching telly and not really paying attention. After about 6 each, Kim comes back for another and doesn't take it straight away. I look down.... 6 prawn crackers stuffed in there at various angles and she's asking how to get a 7th in without actually eating it :>

i assumed she was scoffing them one at a time like her sister....

Dogs!!! (w00t)
When do greyhounds stop growing!!!

Mel is a big lump at 33Kg. No fat that I can find. Kim was around 28 but now seems to be packing on more muscle and out-running and out-lasting her big sister. A right little missile who recovers within minutes whilst Mel needs a lie-down for 24 hours.

Sheets of muscle around the chest and legs like Arnie used to have. Boing, boing, boing like zebidee! Food? Cheaper to feed a pack of Lions I think!
What a lovely thread this is - thanks for sharing your beautiful ruffers!
More pics today:-

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How wonderful to see the transition from pudgy pup, to gawky teen to fully mature gorgeous hounds.
Mel broke a toe and I was doing 2 sets of walkies each night. Mel and Chloe our 15 year old collie and then Kim.

To speed things up, I tried kim running next to the bike. She got it straight away and loves it.

Mel is now better and didn't quite get it initially, so I got a 2 headed lead joiner, coupled to her sister and now the pair run alongside.

I just have to watch for the heads bobbing up and down which means "Too Fast" :)
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I'm sad to say we lost Mel a few weeks ago. She fell awkwardly on wet leaves just trotting after her ball and damaged her spine. Horrible.
Kim has been quieter and clingier. It's been too quiet anyhow.

So, a new friend to play with called Ellie. She's 15 months and very skinny. She knows how to play though and Kimmy has remembered too.

P.s. nozzle only on for cats benefit. It's off for good now.

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